Gone, but not forgotten. Monday, Aug 11th, 2014

I thought this deserved a special post.  We spotted this tree memorial outside the Fort Bragg Guest House Museum and stopped to look.  The museum itself wasn't open, but it would've been interesting to spend an hour or two inside.  Craning our necks up and side to side to take in this colossal redwood slab, we stood mesmerized reading bare facts. The tree was nearly 2000 years old when the saw men began their cuts.

One of the many enormous redwoods downed.

 Feel free to enlarge any photo for easier viewing.

Of particular note:  #10 above -- the saw used to fell the tree was 22 feet long.
The dots above the saw relate to the historical events listed below:

If the tree hadn't been cut down, it would be 71 years older, and 71 years taller and wider....

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