Great kayaking at Lake Davis, CA -- Part 2 of 4

Dunno what time we got the kayak in the water, maybe 10ish in the morning?  We put in at Honkers Point, a half mile drive from Grizzly C/G.  Our tandem inflatable, together with life vests, seats, paddles, and various kayaking paraphernalia all fit snugly behind the seats in Smartie, along with lunch!  The lake surface was glassy as we set forth, with a few puffy clouds.  We spotted an island in the middle of the lake and decided that would make for a good paddle.

 Beautiful Lake Davis is situated at 5,775 ft, in the Sierra Nevada Mtns.  

 We made it to the island from our put-in point (red arrow) across the lake.  This is our first outing in the kayak in a year.  Easy does it, right?

As we strolled across the island, Jimmy narrowly missed stepping on this clutch of eggs.  The duck that flew off in a huff was the tip-off:  Don't step here!

The wind "got up" after lunch and -- hallelujah! -- this time it was at our back, and would "push" us back to our put-in place.  Sure a lot better than our usual MO of "wind in our face!"  The day was very warm and the wind was refreshing.

We wanted to kayak again tomorrow.  Didn't want to deflate the kayak, and etc ... and since we were only a half mile from our Grizzly campsite (in Plumas National Forest) and the road was seldom used... maybe we could get away with what you see above!

We did get away with it!  We perched the kayak on Smartie's empty bike rack, and secured it.  At the campsite, all we had to do was take it off Smartie, set it next to Tergel, and then reverse the process tomorrow!

 Jimmy was cramped in like a sardine, but his free hand held that sideways sail (!!) just in case.
Needless to say, we looked like the beginning of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade when we pulled in the campground!

And, yup, a thunderstorm blew up in the afternoon, but we got very, very little in the way of rain.


  1. The question is, did Jimmy ever get untwisted and out of the car?

    1. Yup, he squirmed out. Bet you never thought you'd see a Sea Eagle Kayak draped over back of a Smart car, all but dwarfing it, did ya? :- )


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