Lake Davis, CA -- a Happy Find, Part 1 of 4

When Jimmy and I were camped at Prosser C/G in Truckee a while back, a neighbor boasted about how much he liked camping in Grizzly Campground at Lake Davis, above the town of Portola, CA.  We listened, as we usually do when people tell us about a place they love.  So... Lake Davis was our first stop on our latest trek through Northern California.  We even had one of the best sites in Grizzly C/G!  From Wednesday, July 30th to our check out on Sunday morning (Aug 3rd), we enjoyed our stay very much -- sans hookups -- at Lake Davis.

Luckily, this was our only bear sighting!  (on Hwy 49)

Unless you don't live in a drought-stricken area, you can't appreciate how thrilled we were to get caught in a thunderstorm at 6,700+ ft Yuba Pass (on Hwy 49). 

The rain didn't last long, but it was heaven-sent as far as I was concerned.  The temp dropped 20 degrees instantly.

Site 14 at Grizzly Campground, in the tall trees near the lake.  A beautiful, quiet site.

 As far as I know, this was my first sighting of a White-headed Woodpecker.  It was busy drinking water and didn't mind how close we were.  (We eventually saw quite a few.)

 The sun just tipping the mountains at dawn on Thursday morning.  

These things were EVERYWHERE.  Golden mantled ground squirrels.  We watched this one dig, dig, dig, till it found a tasty piece of fungi, which he nibbled to nothing!  Got a dirty nose in the process!

Afternoon thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday and Friday.  We'll need to get our kayak on the water fairly early in the morning.  Looking forward to this!

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