Miscellaneous Lake Davis, Part 4 of 4

This is one way to tell there's a serious drought in California.  The boat ramp below is so far from the water, it's pathetic.  All over the west, you see sights such as these.

Lightning Tree boat ramp, northeast corner of Lake Davis.

Hmmmm... when we returned from paddling the first day, I spotted this squirrel on our picnic table.  The squirrel image is blurry 'cause it was fixin' to bolt.  Look what the little devil did to our tablecloth!  Trust me, the cloth didn't look like that when I put it on the table.  Mr or Mrs Squirrel shredded one entire end, probably to STEAL the thin cotton filling.  No fair, I liked that tablecloth!  Dang rodents.

Relaxing in the afternoon shade... all the comforts of home.  Sweet.

 We set out on foot after supper/dishes to watch the sunset on Saturday evening

 One kayaker remaining in the water.

 Captured this picture of the nearest Osprey nest, with Mom or Dad on guard.  We know there was at least one youngster in the nest.

 Lake Davis Dam.  As the sky turned a pretty shade of pink, so did everything else.

The moon was up when we returned to our campground path.
We stopped to gaze at this vision, and we vowed to come back to this special, happy place.
We leave in the morning.  Good night.


  1. That squirrel is not stupid ... cotton filling to line its burrow for a good night's rest ;-)

  2. I really like you ending pic. Very peaceful!


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