More Lake Davis Fun! Part 3 of 4

Lake Davis is a State Recreation Area in Plumas National Forest, which sounds convoluted to me, but it seems to work nicely.  Because we're Golden Agers (snicker snicker), our campsite costs $11/nite, which ain't bad at all for such a clean, well-run place.  While the SRA seems to be well used, the entire area is free of litter. We'd return in a heartbeat.  No jet skis or water skiing, etc., allowed; instead quiet kayaks and canoes and fishermen in smaller craft interested in catching trout are what you see on the water and kids and puppy dogs in the water! This is a great spot for families.

Not a GIANT lake, but it would take me and Jimmy a lifetime to explore.

 We propped our Sea Eagle kayak on Smartie for a bit longer drive to Mallard Cove where we put in. (see previous post) Today (Friday) we aimed more north, toward a distant point that was scarcely recognizable as maybe White Pelicans, but we were so far away, we weren't sure.  "Let's go check!"  I took the above zoomed picture when we were much closer.

 We pulled in at this spit of land, walked around some and ate our lunch here.  Pelicans are in the water above our kayak.

The cormorants spooked and flew, but these guys didn't mind our quiet kayak.

 However, when we paddled behind them, that was too close and they began to fidget (pelican talk for "get ready to hit the water"). 

Sorry, guys, we didn't mean to make you swim!  But, as soon as we paddled away from their little sandbar island, they returned to what they'd been doing!

One of several nesting Osprey pairs soared overhead, looking for lunch.

Our luck wasn't as good as yesterday on the return trip to our put-in place.  What seemed like a promising wind failed completely -- and we got hot paddling back to Smartie.  No rain clouds appeared to shade us from the sun, either.  Still and all, we loved being out here.  It was simply a gorgeous day to be on the water.  We weren't as sore as we thought from yesterday's paddle and today's adventure should just make our arm muscles stronger!

Back at the campsite, we put the kayak away, cleaned up and hopped in Smartie to circumnavigate the lake, a distance of 25 or 30 miles.  We forgot to check mileage when we left.  The unpaved road wasn't too bad, and it was quite scenic.  And then halfway around the lake, there was this: 

To quote Forrest Gump:  Stupid is as Stupid does.

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  1. At least the cow is in the right place ;-)


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