One More Time! -- Tues, Aug 12, 2014

Back in May of 2009 Jimmy and I hopped aboard the Skunk Train to ride the 20+ miles from Fort Bragg to Northspur and -- since we like being on trains -- we decided to do it again this year.  The track actually runs from Fort Bragg, snaking its way along the Noyo River, 40 miles east to Willits, but our train only goes to Northspur and back.  It's quite a scenic run, approximately four hours thru redwood-thick forest.  During the first half of the trip, we mostly sat inside, making forays to the back for pictures, but when we re-boarded after eating our picnic lunch at Northspur, we stood outside on the open "cattle car" to drink in the forest beauty and feel the wind on our faces ... till we got chilled ... and back inside we'd go.

This trip we had the added bonus of being filmed!  Great Scenic Railway Journeys (GRSJ) was filming for one of their shows.  We'll try to catch the show when it airs.  So much fun!

Our train was the diesel at left.  Old #45 on the right was the focus of GSRJ's filming.

Where to sit?  We were among the first to board.

This guy seemed stuck on the outside for a long time, and then suddenly it was gone.

Camera crew, Old #45 steam engine, engineer, and us waving from the diesel train as we went by!

 We saw an occasional cabin in the woods.

This redwood giant located along the track still has a springboard embedded.  One of the most fascinating reads on falling the Big Ones is here.  Give the site a look.

I "liked" the Skunk Train on facebook and saw a snippet of #45 come chugging out of the trees, bells a-clanging, whistle tooting!  Just the way it should be!

Tomorrow?  We leave the coast, aiming for Clear Lake, CA.

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  1. Wow, two favorites in one: giant trees and a train ride! Life is Good!


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