Tour the redwoods with us! Aug 5-10

For a tree hugger, can anything be better than being in the redwoods forest?  Whether riding, strolling, hiking, sitting, being here -- enjoying! -- is a feast for the senses.  This is more Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Only reverence is required.

 Riding along the Avenue of the Giants.

 Neat flower pot.

Self-explanatory, sorry to say.

 Not much water in the Eel River (South Fork), but a good beginning to a hike thru 5000 acres of redwood forest along the spectacular Canoe Creek trail.  Almost everywhere we walked in the forest, our steps were hushed by walking on layers and layers of redwood leaf litter (redwood feathers) in fairly dense shade.

 Canoe Creek

Even lying flat on my back, I couldn't get the entire tree, bottom to top, in the picture.  Many of the trees in this park grow to over 300 feet.

 So many of these noble trees have charred bark, with their innards (not proper tree talk) hollowed out.

 Looking east...

 and looking west (where's Jimmy?) -- impossible to see it all.

 Big enough to live in...

... complete with dragon to protect you!

California Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) -- the tallest and the oldest living trees on earth -- begin with this teeny-tiny cone.  Amazing, isn't it?  


  1. I had to enlarge that photo in order to find Jimmy. More fun than finding Waldo!

  2. Oh, how we loved being among those wonderful giant trees! Nice to see them again!

  3. So lovely! We have photos of our first baby moho in the Redwoods Park near the Avenue of the Giants camped next to a redwood stump bigger than the rig!


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