Ten Mile Haul Road, what a day! Monday, 8/11/4

You can see so much more when you get out of the vehicle, be it car, truck or motor home.  Walking is a good way to be up close, tho you're limited on how far you can go.  But bicycles can get you farther and you still see multitudes of things you'd never guess were there.  Fort Bragg has a great bike road, called the Ten Mile Haul Road, open to walkers, joggers, bikes and others out to enjoy the ocean view.  I don't think all ten miles is accessible, but you can get in a respectable distance.  We put 12+ miles on our bikes, but we wander a lot! For us, it was perfect, 'cause the haul road takes you right into Fort Bragg, as well as the boonies of Inglenook Fen (Ten Mile Dunes Preserve) at the opposite end.  The haul road, as you might guess, was originally used by giant logging trucks.  Fort Bragg is, after all, a logging town in the redwoods.

 Pudding Creek Trestle.  Can you spot Jimmy?  Interesting history on this.

 A little gray out, but we enjoyed the day nonetheless.

 The thing in the middle above the water?  Looks like a helicopter to me.  It's a fishing boat in a disappearing horizon.  The clouds parted directly above the two boats (and nowhere else) and waters beneath reflected the deep blue of the sky.  Never saw that before.

Listen to this -- in the early 20th Century, Fort Bragg residents threw their household garbage over cliffs owned by the Union Lumber Co onto what is now "Glass Beach," discarding glass, appliances, even vehicles.  (makes you wonder where they thought that garbage would go...?)  Locals referred to it as "The Dumps."  Fires were even lit to reduce the trash pile size.  It wasn't until 1967 (!!) that city leaders closed the area and cleanup programs began. Over the decades, pounding waves wore down the discarded glass into small smooth pieces called sea glass that litter the beach today.  The beach at Elm St and Glass Beach Dr is now a tourist attraction!  We visited the beach and we could have filled a bushel basket w/ sea glass.  (we just picked up a few)  It was crazy!

 Belladonna Lily (Naked ladies).  I used to grow these elegant pink flowers when I lived in SoCal.  Fort Bragg was covered in pink!

 We packed a lunch, but what could be better than to stop for a cuppa coffee to go w/ the sandwich, and maybe a cookie or a scone, too?

Tired driver?

Back on the bikes, at Inglenook Fen/dunes area.  We had the entire area to ourselves.

 Several Whimbrels were picking and choosing lunch.

 The sign said the area was nesting grounds for the Snowy Plover, but none of these birds looked like the Snowy to me.  Maybe Judy can help out.  I guess the gull was standing guard.

 Cormorants at attention, waiting for ...?

Photogenic Harbor Seals lounge on the rocks, sunning themselves.
"Fins out, belly up, and having too much of a good time!"

We had a good time, too, sans fins and right-side up!

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