But, before we leave, here's one more ... Mobile, AL

As we're driving along I-10 toward downtown Mobile, ahead of our tiny Smartie is a huge 18-wheeler truck with a strange-looking bulky load, and that load is shedding white fluff-balls that look like cotton.  Hey!  It is cotton, wrapped like round hay bales.  This is a new sight for me.  And, it doesn't look very efficient, with cotton balls flying every-which-a-way.

We were on our way to see Jimmy's son, "Jimbo" and family on a Sunday afternoon. We had a lovely visit, and everybody looked well.  Jimmy's grandson, AJ, is 13 now -- no longer a kid, and turning into a fine young man. Handsome, too!  So good to see you guys!

Just one of these things is bigger than Smartie!

Up close, these monster bales appeared even stranger as we passed by.

 When I asked AJ and his Granddad, Jimmy, to smile, I got these ... well, half-hearted efforts, so I said, "C'mon, dudes, give me a smile."  Got 'em!  Great Big Grins! 

On our way back to Tergel in Daphne, we stopped at the Old Oyster House on the Causeway for one last mouth-watering shrimp po'boy.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but -- trust me -- it was messy and good.  Nice to have a window view of the delta waters and grasses, with touches of autumn leaves.

But it was after our lunch-dinner (linner?) that another crazy escapade took place.  As we were exiting our Oyster House parking space, a guy hailed us.  We stopped.  He was with a group of men (and a few women), saw our little Smartie with its flames, and asked if he could take a picture ... and the hilarity began!

Smartie inspires!  It's the flames!

Apparently these people had been playing (?) paint ball?  A few brewski's might have been involved, but I don't know for sure.  Anyway, cell phones and cameras came out, photos taken, laughter all around.  I said I wanted a picture, too, and got out of the car, which was surrounded by all these happy people!  Jimmy asked one big ol' boy to get in the passenger seat, and in a few seconds, Jimmy was out of the car, too!  An even bigger ol' boy (seen below, w/ beard) got in the driver's seat.  You should have heard the laughter!

They made it!  The guy behind the steering wheel told us he weighed 300 lbs and was almost 6' tall (and he looked it!).  The passenger was a puny 275 lbs and a six-footer.  I do believe we made their day ... all of them.  They hooted and howled and thanked us very much.  After those two big fellers got out, we returned our seats to their normal positions (!!).  We drove off, still laughing, with the group bidding us a good day!  Jimmy and I laughed about this absurdity till bedtime.

We stopped at 5 Rivers Delta Complex on our way "home," which offers many outdoor play opportunities, but we just wanted to walk around a bit.  Walk off some of that po'boy.

This cute li'l fella was new, meaning we hadn't seen it here before.  It's name is Chewie!

As the fiery setting sun illuminated the Mobile/Tensaw delta, we climbed back in Smartie and called it a day, a fairly long day.  We're on the turn-around part of our trip now, and our next stop, as we head west, is my sister, Nannie's, in Baton Rouge (11/22).  We've had a great time since leaving home on Oct 14th.  With more to come!


  1. Everywhere you go, people get all happy!

  2. That's the way they bale the cotton here near Yuma. I'm kind of glad you didn't show the po-boy. I would have been drooling on the computer.

    Looks like you had some fun with those 'good ol' boys'!


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