Drive 2500 miles to go to the dentist? ok! Thursday, 11/06

Sure, why not?  He's been our dentist for years, and he used to be a next-door neighbor, and he IS a good dentist. Whenever we know we'll be in Alabama and appointments for teeth-cleaning can be had, we set 'em up.  Today was the day for both Jimmy and me.  Nothing dramatic, but our pearly whites are clean!  Dr. Keeth (rhymes with teeth) is located in Robertsdale (central Baldwin County), about halfway between our Daphne RV site and the beach at Gulf Shores.  The sky was cloudy, but no rain was on the radar near us, so after the pickin' and polishin', we took off for the beach. 

But first, lunch was on the menu!  One of Jimmy's favorite places to eat is LuLu's at Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores.  Lulu used to have a little eatin' shack near our home on Fish River, but in 2003 the restaurant was moved lock, stock and barrel to its present location on the Intercoastal Canal, and it's now quite the place.  My Jimmy is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett's music, and since Lulu Buffett is Jimmy Buffett's sister, guess what kind of music is played in the restaurant? 

Jimmy ordered a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and I enjoyed a shrimp po'boy.
Neither of us used this tear-producing hot sauce! 

We checked the radar after finishing lunch and while rain cells were around us, none was close.  The clouds certainly made for a dramatic-looking sky.  It was still shirt-sleeve weather.  A northwest wind blew, causing yellow flags to stand at attention on the beach.  Surprisingly, we saw only one kid playing in the surf.  

June one group of (many) beached Laughing gulls and Common terns.

I don't believe I've ever seen so many Laughing Gulls gathered on one beach before.

We called this little fella, "Stumpy," cause his left foot was missing.  He couldn't run like his friends, but he did a pretty good job of hoppin' along.

 Remarkable how a line of pelicans can cruise the coast, inches above the water!

A curtain of rain drops over Mobile Bay in the distance.  Spotty showers fell all around the southeast, but we didn't get wet.  We walked along the shore quite a distance, dodging incoming waves, toes digging into the sand.  The beach was quiet and nearly empty.  Even the gulls weren't hollering.  This rain was ushering in a cold front.  We made it home to Tergel around dark (that comes so early now!), and chili in the crockpot with cornbread awaited us.  O boy!


  1. I hope you told a joke to all those gulls. What an audience!

  2. Gulf Shores ... spent so much time on that beach last year. I like that shot of the pelicans skimming across the water.

  3. Some of the most dramatic skies are found along the gulf beaches, huh seester?


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