And a very Merry Christmas to all ... Dec 24th thru Dec 27th 2014

I'll just start by saying how sweet it is to be spending Christmas at home this year, and to be close and connected to family.  Jimmy and I had three weeks at home to get ready for Christmas Day, albeit, three weeks of inclement weather!  We put up our tree and did some decorating, but we've culled that down to a dull roar (moving five times in 14 years will do that for ya).  He and I shopped and even enjoyed that, 'altho we're not big shoppers.  We cooked and had friends and family share dinners with us, and we participated in local holiday festivities.  No wonder those three weeks flew by!  In between times, we watched raindrops hit the ground, and I'm sure it must be heresy to say this in drought conditions such as this state has endured for several years, but we got real tired of rain!  So there, I said it.  Those dreary days did make it seem kinda wintry. 

All decked out -- looks like Santa visited our house!

Nope, we didn't see snow on either Christmas eve or on the 25th, but plenty of rain fell on the 24th, and this snow wanna-be, above:  Hail.  The deck was peppered with white stuff several times this day (heck, it's just hail).

Yee-haw, skip the reindeer -- Santa rides a crow!

 Love this picture:  Mom and Daughter

The sun was shining brightly when Jimmy and I drove down the hill to spend Christmas day with son, Matt, and his pretty new wife, Jennifer, at her parents' home in Roseville, an hour away.  I guess we got there around 1 or 1:30.  The kitchen table (above) was laden with goodies to nibble on while dinner was in the oven.  Matt made yummy crostini for everyone, as well.  The day was cool and windy, but dry!

 Sophie was looking very holiday-ish.  

Charlie (Alice and Tom's dog) seemed very content sitting on Jimmy's lap. 

 Today is also Jen's birthday, so she had lots of goodies under the tree!

 By gum, if she didn't get a new urban bike!  Now the whole dang family can go riding on the American River Trail.  Yay!  Santa was very good to everyone!

 Usual after-Christmas waste pile.

Dinner was served around 4 pm, and the six of us ate like we hadn't had a bite to eat all day (despite snacking half the afternoon!).  And dinner was wonderful!  Coffee and Dutch apple pie w/ ice cream for dessert.  Mmmmm.... The men cleaned up afterwards, and then everyone gravitated toward a couch or an easy chair, but Jimmy and I looked at the clock before too long.  We didn't want to be on the road real late due to, ah, drunks going home from parties. So we gathered our gifts and, after many hugs, we headed back up the hill for home, getting in by 8:30ish.  Of course we forgot to leave on lights, but our neighbors' homes were lit with outside Christmas lights. No problems.  Honestly, we had THE best Christmas!  Thanx to Alice and Tom, and Jenny and Matt.  The dogs were also quite entertaining with their new toys....

One of our presents that arrived by mail from Tallahassee was this 1,000 piece picture puzzle of Yosemite Valley. The day after Christmas we put the leaf in our dining room table and commenced putting 'er together.  Can I tell you that all the pieces look alike?  Geez.  It didn't take too long to get the outside border done, but needless to say, it'll take a while to finish it.  That's ok, we have the time!. 

This very chilly morning (Saturday, the 27th), we were outside picking up storm debris from the past three weeks, mostly small sticks, when we stumbled up on these ice crystals in the leaf rubble of our front yard (above and below pics).  Only an inch (or two at the most) high, they sparkled in the shade like diamonds. If you see ice crystals in your yard at lunch time, you know it can't be very warm outside.  It wasn't; only in the mid 40's.  We had hail, we have ice ... but no snow ... yet. 

Finally, a package arrived from my SoCal friend, Lyn, in yesterday's mail.  Along with avocados from their tree and other really neat goodies, is the shirt you see below.  I nearly fell over laughing when I saw it.  Picture me walking down the street in this shirt!  If you've ever been thru Texas, you know how big an outfit Buc-ee's is.  She also included a bag of beaver nuggets from Buc-ee's, but I'm scared to try 'em!

Happy Holidays!
The End


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    You will be the beacon on the bike trail fer sure - yee haw!!!

  2. Oh my, now THAT is a SHIRT! Leave it to Lyn! Looks like your Christmas was a happy one, with family. Must be your turn! love from your seester.

  3. Cool ice crystals, but don't wear that shirt near them. They'll melt.


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