Out and About on a misty sort of day -- Sunday, 12/21/14

I knew the minute I stepped outdoors that three solid weeks worth of drizzle, rain, mist, downpours, fog, and etc., would result in a panoply of fungi, or as I like to say, 'shrooms.  So, I tucked my little point n shoot camera in my pocket before we set out for our first walk in as many weeks.  Today, and I say hallelujah, no rain, just a misty fog that glazed everything with droplets ...especially pretty dangling on evergreen tips. Beneath the tall trees, big drops liked to splat on our heads, or worse, down the back of our necks!  I got smart and pulled my hood up when walking under them.  Temp was in the low 50's, a warm-up compared to many, many days in the 40's, and quite pleasant for walking.

All the 'shrooms were shiny, as tho hand-polished.  Some still contained a half-teaspoon of water.  I haven't named most of these guys ... only the few I could positively identify (from a field guide).  Nearly all of them colored the woodsy floor like flowers, and many were quite beautiful.  From the tiniest of tiny to dinner-plate sized, below are a few of my 'shroom pictures.

 White Worm Coral

Tooth Jelly

A misty walk for Jimmy and me.

I wear a size 7 ....


 Redbelt bracket

 Apricot Jelly -- tiny, delicate, beautiful.

These tiny, acorns-on-sticks look-a-likes popped up in my keyhole garden.

Not many others were Out and About this afternoon.  We took our time, enjoying the quiet.  My shoes got wet from wandering into the woods, but no matter -- it felt grand to be outside.  Today is the Winter Solstice, shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and we spent as much time on our three-and-a-half mile walk as we wanted.  (Last year we were in Punta Areas, Chile, on this date -- their Summer Solstice!) Well, maybe, just maybe, the sun will shine in NorCal tomorow -- I have my fingers crossed.


  1. Our neighborhood, too, is sprouting 'shrooms everywhere! Seems like way more than usual - I guess because we have had such good, soaking rains this year. They are going berserk with happiness.


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