A January change of pace, why not? Jan 25 - ??, 2015

On Sunday morning, we exchanged our sunny Sierra Nevada foothills home for our other home on wheels and drove down the hill and thru the icky Valley fog to the Napa Elks, where we'll camp for the next few days or a week, however long we feel like staying.  The centrally located Elks lodge offers FHU for $25/nite, which is really reasonable in a high-priced area that has tons of things to do. (You have to be an Elk to stay here.)  That fog you see above showed up at about 400' and socked in California's entire Central Valley.  We were glad to get out of it as we continued south -- Napa was clear. The beauty of it all is we drove from our home to Napa in roughly two-and-a-half hours!

So, what we gonna do here?  We were setup by Noon, and after eating lunch, the only thing we wanted to do was walk (not hike) along the Napa River Trail.  All we have to do is go out the Elks back gate and we're on the 1.2 mile path.  Well-used path, I might add.  We walked it the last time we were here, two years ago. (Huh, where DOES the time go?)  Sunday was cool, but sunny.  Again, I know it's the end of January, but it looks and feels like spring. All the pics below were taken on the path as we walked first one direction and then the other.

 The beautiful blooms of Flowering Quince make it look like spring.

 Lots of California Towhee's were Out and About.

 A perfect day for a pleasant walk along a section of the 55-mile long Napa River.

Spring blossoms!

 Red-shouldered Hawk, seen in the distance, eye-balling the grounds.

This little ornament was just hanging around.

Tomorrow (Monday) we'll drive Smartie north, up Calistoga way.  There are a few things we want to see up that-a-way. Weather forecasts call for one more sunny day before clouds and potential rain move into NorCal. It's been a month since measurable rainfall, so we're keeping our fingers crossed FOR RAIN.  Crazy, I know!  Doesn't look promising, tho ... but at least we'll enjoy tomorrow's sun.


  1. Probably the only thing I like about winter is that with the trees so naked I spot lots of hawks and other birds of prey! Good for you guys, enjoy your outing.

  2. Sounds like a good time to get out and about. I'll be interested to see what you visit.


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