Freezing at the Rose Parade ... January 1st, 2015

We weren't there, but we saw the freezing people on TV.  We were in Auburn CA, 400 miles north of Pasadena (where the Rose Parade is held every year), but we were freezing, too!  It's winter ... and chilly temps happen in winter!  While it was cold today, the sun was bright in the sky and winds were light, so being outside was mostly tolerable, tho walking in the shade made us shiver.  (I wouldn't mind going to the Rose Parade, if I had a choice seat in the bleachers.)  However, today we went hiking with friends at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn. What a great way to begin a new year!

Some of you may recognize the rascals above:  Jimmy, me, Laurie, and Odel -- and all of us bundled against the upper 40 degree temps, inc wearing long johns.  We were in the sun in this shot, hence no gloves.

But first.  First, they drove in from Placerville and we came down the mountain from Nevada City; we met at the Auburn Alehouse @ 10:30 for a late and hardy breakfast.  This was one of the few restaurants open on New Year's Day, and the place was hopping!  We sat and ate and visited for a couple of hours (nice to catch up), and then we drove to the park for the (warmer) afternoon.  None of us had been here before.  The park is large (1200 acres), with lots of interconnecting trails.  The parking lot was full, and it was good to see so many people out enjoying their holiday.

Both Laurie and Odel had their fitbit zip gadgets on, so we knew how many steps we took.  We were on the trails for roughly three hours and Odel managed to get over 14,000 steps.  (Durned if I didn't forget to ask Laurie!) Translated into miles -- 10,000 steps equals approximately 5 miles.  Guess the gadget doesn't take hills and switchbacks into consideration, so I don't know how that relates.  Regardless, overall it was a joyful day, filled food and laughter and reminiscences and a hidden falls and muddy tracks in a first-rate regional park.  

Can you spot Jimmy, Laurie and Odel on the Hidden Falls overlook? 

A surprising and picturesque waterfalls in Auburn.  (Deadman Creek waterfalls) 

 "Tree house" overlook on Coon Creek.

This part of the foothills is a "gray" area, esp this time of year.  The Gray Pine (aka foothill pine, bull pine, digger pine, California foothill pine) is not a colorful tree and doesn't yield a vibrant landscape.  Many of the Oak trees hereabouts appeared gray and barren; the rocks are gray-toned ... so many of my pictures reflect GRAY.  In reality, the landscape was splendid for January!

 Part of Seven Pools (on the loop trail).

Jimmy and Odel heading for the car.  We finished our hike at 4 pm.

* * * * * * * * * *

FINALLY!!  We started putting this blankety-blank 1,000 piece puzzle together the day after Christmas.  We finished it the day after New Years, not working on it all the time, of course.  But I can promise you that we were heartily challenged!  Anybody want a free picture puzzle?  We'll gladly ship!  On to the next one ...?


  1. Great recap of our day! We'll have to revisit that park in springtime or fall... and yes, let's try to make a joint hike (minimum 10,000 steps) a monthly event in 2015 (with a little break for anyone who needs a new knee, of course).

    1. Hey Laurie and Odel! Wow I can believe I came across this post! I used to follow your RVing blog and was reminded of you all tonight while at the grocery store. I was sharing your grilled brussel sprouts, pear and shallot recipe with a woman there.
      I really miss you blogging. Will you all ever start another one? (Thanks to you both for the AWESOME recipes!!!)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Gorgeous! Underneath all that gray is the fresh California winter green that comes with the rains. Before long it will be poppies. Loved the looks of the hike. And of course, seeing friends having fun together is always great.

  3. I do recognize those rascals! I sure do miss those recipes Laurie used to post on their blog.


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