Soma this, Soma that -- First week in January, 2015

January always seems to be the time for som-a this 'n som-a that. The holiday season is over, Christmas stuff stowed, and we're all left dangling in the wind, so to speak.  Our weather moderated from the icy temps we endured around the 1st of the year, so Jimmy and I have been able to get Out and About several times. I'm not sure if we hit the magic 5,000 step mark, as we don't own a fitbit, yet.  (Used to have a pedometer years ago). Doesn't matter, tho.  It was neat to be out in the fresh air.

Matt and Jenny came for an afternoon visit on the 6th.  They're fun people to be around!  Love having them so close now.  I made a spinach quiche and a fresh pear salad lunch, which we devoured.  After eating, we strolled downtown Grass Valley, ducking in and out of shops, plus a stop for coffee.  We even bought a few things! Remember the T-shirt I got from a friend for Christmas?  Looks like my son has dibs on it!

He loved it ... and it looks pretty good on him!

 Of course the girls came, too.  Sophie keeps my lap toasty warm.

Maggie was giving kisses to Jimmy.

* * * * * * * * *

Jimmy and I have walked the Cascade Canal trail several times since our New Years Day hike with Laurie and Odel.  We haven't had any snow at our house, and the ice crystals finally melted.  Fact is, it hasn't rained in close to three wks, so we're due (and the forecasters have been talking rain for NEXT weekend).  A mild 56° was our high temp today, which is quite agreeable for hiking.  Be chilly if you were just sitting around, but up and going, it was just right.  We picked the upper part of the trail this afternoon.  You'll notice the water level is down in the "ditch," but what is there, moves swiftly.  I took a few TREE pictures because I tho't they were unusual.

 Perfect seat.

 Lizard-head?  Gargoyle?  Crazy!  Close-up of the tree below.

 Goofy-looking, for sure.

Mossy-covered on the north side.  Winter trees look bleak, but the moss brightens the scene. 

Back at home my friend across the street has these little fellers in her yard (I don't have any in my yard). Neither of us knew what it was, but I found out from a mushroom group I joined on Facebook.  This is called an Earthstar.  The outer "rays" are hard, like a pine cone, but the white is soft like a mushroom ... and it's about two inches from left to right.  Quite an interesting find.

My Lenten Rose is fixin' to bloom.  Early, isn't it?  Doesn't it bloom in April?

Oh yeah, lest I forget ... based on my last post, Laurie donated several picture puzzles for me and Jimmy to put together.  We let enough grass grow under our feet from the last, uh, challenging one, before deciding to pick an entertaining puzzle from Laurie, as you can see below.

 Doesn't look like a thousand pieces, but our table is fairly large.

OK, not that we're compulsive or anything like that, but we plopped this thing -- a really cool National Parks puzzle -- atop the table on Friday evening.  By gum, we had the puzzle finished by Saturday at suppertime! Really, we didn't stay up all night, really.  As we worked on it, we kept saying, "been there!" or "remember when we were here?" and so we kept on because it was fun!  A reminder of so many great places we've visited, or picture puzzle déjà vu.  After taking finished-product pics, we crumbled it and put it back in the box.  We will ship if anyone wants it!

The Fini!


  1. Weren't Matt and Jenny in LA? Now in Bay Area? I have forgotten. But will never forget the sweet wedding. Hopefully that was Matt and Jenny. LOL. Gotta keep my friends kids straight! Love the mushroom.

  2. Whatta shirt! Nice puzzle!

  3. Oh, I thought you might like that puzzle! I sure did - said just what you did... "we've been there!" Never seen anything like that Earthstar, that is really cool. And the blob on the tree trunk? Looks just like a little bear cub holding onto the tree trunk and waving a paw!

  4. If it were 300 pieces, I'd take it, but I just don't have the patience for 1000 piece puzzles.

    1. I hear you! If it was just me working the puzzle, I wouldn't have the patience for 1000 pieces, either!


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