Something new happening at our house! Fri, 1/23/15

We moved to Nevada City CA and into our home two-and-a-half years ago, and it was love at first sight. The home we bought was built in 1965 and wonderfully remodeled a few years before we bought it.  We basically had to do nothing at move-in but bring in our furniture.  Suited us to a T.  Of course, there were a few things that needed changing, and the time had come to take care of one item on that list. 

The hallway to the guest room and bath was dark.  The photo above was taken early morning before the workers showed up promptly at 8am.  No lights on, no altering the picture, and the little visible light is coming from the guest room with its big windows.  It just made the entire wing seem gloomy.  Dislike gloomy!  Don't like leaving the hall ceiling light on, either (round thingee on the ceiling above).  Not big on wasting electricity.  The answer? Call Byers Solatube!  We got a quote over the phone and then Gabe came out to the house and helped us pick the right location and size (Solatubes come in two sizes -- 14" and 10".) Ours is the 14", and it will go where the current hall ceiling fixture is.  Our new Solatube will have a light fixture inside.  Cool beans!  Today was the install date.  Kent and Trenton, and Gerald, the photog, were the crew. We can tell you that everyone at Byers is super nice and they know their stuff.       

 Up on the roof (good song title?).

Our hardwood floors were protected by large clean drop cloths to contain the mess from drilling and falling ceiling insulation.  I liked that part.  We were lucky that the morning was fair and fairly warm for January at 3200' elevation.  Sure doesn't feel like winter.  Or look like it here.

And then Kent came in with his vacuum and HEPA filter and tidied up any little stuff on the floors.  They cleaned up the driveway, too, where they did the set-up work.  Start-to-finish took a little over two hours.

Okay, here's my before and after pictures.  What do you think?  The photo at right is lit with only natural Solatube illumination, no electric light being used.  See how bright and airy the hallways is!  Our artwork on the right wall really "pops" now.  (I had to Windex all of it!)  As I already mentioned, a light is inside the Solatube for when we flip the switch at night.  I have the light switched on now (it being 9pm), and the new system casts a warm glow in the hall.  Way cool ... we like the new look, both day and night!   So, we are very pleased, to say the least.
Next up -- A long afternoon hike with son, Matt.


  1. Wonderful! Skylights in iur house two years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made. Nothing like light!!

  2. What a difference! Wow!

  3. That certainly does brighten things up!

  4. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hi — Just looked at the blog and saw about your installing a solatube in the hallway. The before and after photos are quite impressive. Looks like you two had a very good idea there. N.A.

  5. Looks great. Love the brightness in the hallway. It looks brighter than my hallway does with my electric lights on.


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