A Little Celebration, if you please! Sunday, 3/1/15

Yesterday was Matt's 35th birthday.  He missed being a Leap Year baby by less than 12 hours!  Which means he gets to celebrate every one of his birth days, instead of one every four years.  Lucky duck, good job Mom!  A small family party was planned for Sunday at Matt & Jen's house in Sacramento; i.e., a crab boil in the back yard -- oh boy! 

Matt and Mom.  Check out the back yard orange tree.

As soon as Jimmy walked in their house and sat down, Maggie leaped onto his lap and rolled around like butter in a churn ... so happy to see him!

Into the boiling pot went fresh corn, potatoes, mushrooms, shrimp, asparagus, and lemons, along with the crab boil spice bags.

And three of these little beauties.

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Everyone was ready to tear into the feast when Matt emptied the pot on the paper-lined table.


Sitting on my lap keeps her out of trouble.

Tom and Alice (and a partial photo-bombing Sophie) enjoying the pretty afternoon.

I made Matt a glazed orange-coconut cake.  Fairly healthy as cakes go ....

After a television interview Matt made about a Sacramento neighborhood called Curtis Park, these door knob flyers were made up to distribute in that area.  As the new kid in town, we hope he sells bunches!

While we were there, both sets of parents bought Girl Scout cookies from two cute young girls at their road-side stand a couple of doors down from Matt & Jen's.  They were doing a bang-up business (you could hear them before you saw them:  GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!). 

Matt, we enjoyed your birthday and thanx for cooking.  Everybody had a grand time and ate VERY well (you're a great cook).  Hope you guys made a terrific crab chowder with the leftovers.

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  1. Looks like Jimmy was wearing a denim skirt when Maggie jumped on his lap. I knew he was a cool dude. :) Good for you, Mom, for birthing Matt on an annual day, much better for birthdays. And I see you decided to go with the cake, too. You are a GOOD MOTHER. Oh, that meal looked so southern and so fabulous.


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