A walk on the wild side ... Thursday, 3/5/15

Wildflower, that is.  Yesterday I took my camera with me on our morning walk and stopped a couple of times to take pictures.  Part of our walk is in the woods and part is along our road where people have planted bulbs.  I know they're not wildflowers, but they sure were pretty.  A few of these are even in our yard.  I grew up in Niagara Falls, where bright yellow Forsythia bloomed every spring beside our house.  I admire it very much, and in these parts it's a stunner.  Deer seem to leave it alone, also, always a good thing.  Since I don't have any in our yard, I aim to plant a bush or two.  While it's still a tad early, flowers sure make it seem like spring!  I know, I know, spring forward an hour this weekend....

Lunnaria annua (Annual Honesty, Money plant) -- my yard

Manzanita (little apple)



Blue Houndstongue (wild comfrey)

Oregon Grape  -- my yard


Western Trillium  -- my yard


  1. I guess I'm more familiar with eastern trillium. Never saw one that looked like that.

  2. Springtime on my computer monitor - LOVELY!


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