Hoy! Happy First Full Day of Spring! Saturday, 3/21/15

Jimmy and I are usually game whenever anyone asks if we'd like to go somewhere, either hiking or pretty much anything else.  When Matt suggested a hike at Bridgeport at South Yuba River St Park on Saturday, we said, "sign us up!"  Saturday turned out to be a perfect spring day, which made our afternoon even better. We wished Jen could've joined us, but she had business to take care of.  The temp was probably in the mid-70's, and we agreed that it was warm enough to wear shorts.  Poison oak is always a threat to me, so I wear jeans when hiking at this elevation (below 3,000' ft).

Matt, with friends ... Maggie and Sophie and Big Grizz!

We stopped at the Visitor Center to get a trail map of the entire South Yuba River St Park area, and to see what else was offered.  They feature quite a collection of plants and animals, plus geological specimens. Afterwards we walked to the covered bridge to see the progress made on its restoration.  Word is the bridge won't be open to the general public for a couple more years, as more work is required than originally thought.  Par for the course. Then we set out on the picturesque Buttermilk Bend trail that follows the river.

This may not look like much, but the South Yuba is a clear, cold and fast, very scenic river, which originates at Donner Pass at the crest of the Sierra Nevada.  65 miles long, it's a main tributary of the Feather River. 

Spring wildflowers are a big draw; both parking lots were full of camera-totin' folk.
Top, L-R: Bush poppy, Bush lupine; bottom, L-R, Globe lily, Silver puff, Bowl-tubed iris. 

 We can't stay on the trail, none of us ... we simply have to clamber down to the rocks and water.

Brilliant Canyon dudleya (Dudleya cymosa) and Bird's foot [fern] cliffbrake (Pellaea mucronata) 

Sculpted rocks and deep, swift water.  I think Matt is looking for swimming holes (for summertime!).

What a gorgeous day to be Out and About ... Matt, Sophie, Maggie, and me.

Fluffy, the lizard, enjoying the sun.

Pipevine swallowtail, and they were everywhere!

When a girl gets thirsty, she's gotta drink.  This small stream into the Yuba was just the ticket.

Ohmygosh, the trout were amazing.  Telephotoed this pic from up on the trail ... and these are big fish!

Matt climbed down to get a better view of the fish.

Happy to be on the Buttermilk Bend Trail @ South Yuba River St Park.

More trout are visible in the water (left, foreground), but since this is a state park, we figured there would be a no-fishing regulation.  Hey we can dream, can't we?  We had a lovely time on this fairly flat path above the river canyon.  Maggie's furry feet got entangled in some kind of brier/barbs that adhered to her like glue, and both dogs were tuckered out and needed a good bath when they got home.  Come to think of it, the same goes for the people, too!


  1. What a grand time! And what a beautiful river! Coming back, one-a-these-days....

  2. These pictures lifted my mood a little this morning...3 inches of snow have fallen already here. Who knows when we will see spring flowers, enjoy them!

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Matt looks great. Your hikes and photography are always breathtakingly beautiful and you do justice to nature!!

  4. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Looks like so much fun on the South Yuba River with Matt. You had a very special first day of spring.


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