A little holiday away from home ... Tuesday thru Friday

Since Jimmy is NOT recovering from (left) knee replacement surgery right now (postponed till May 4th, doncha know), our goal these days is to do as many fun things as possible ... stuff he won't be able to do once he has a new knee ... for a while anyway.  A long trip in Tergel is out of the question for the time being, so short jaunts are this month's agenda. This week we drove ALL THE WAY DOWN THE MOUNTAIN from home (maybe 60 miles?) to the state capital -- Sacramento! -- and spent Tues thru Fri "camped" at Cal-expo.

Love these pink Dogwood trees (taken where we hook up Smartie and Tergel).  Our front-yard Dogwood isn't this showy yet, as our elevation is a few hundred feet higher.

Matt and Jimmy overlooking the American River.

Trust me, neither air nor water temperature was warm enough to warrant being in the river!  Here at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.

I know it's hard to believe, but Matt and Jenny have been married one year already!  Matt joined us on a lovely Tuesday afternoon for a ride on the American River bike trail (Jen's bike needs repair).  Afterwards, the four of us drove to Midtown for a very good thin-crust pizza at Chicago Fire.  The guys ate all meat, the girls ate all veggies.  I'm biased.  Ours was better.  Wished I woulda remembered to take a picture ....

The next morning (Wednesday), while Matt and Jen were on their way to the coast for their anniversary, Jimmy and I took off on the bike trail again, in the opposite direction, toward Folsom.  The air felt cooler, with a fresh breeze in our faces, but it was still pleasant to be Out and About.  We didn't ride far either day, maybe 30 miles total.

We saw turkeys both days, but these good ol' boys were stuttin' their stuff today.  Seven in this pack, roaming in the green grass.

 Don't know what this is perched at water's edge.  Pumping station?

A cool walking/jogging/biking bridge from the bike trail to Sacramento State University on the other side of the river.

These look like Chestnut tree blossoms, but the tree doesn't look right.  So ...?

On Thursday, we gave our heinies a rest!  Today was an explore day.  We visited the Asian Market (Ranch 99 in South Sac), a vast repository of Asian foodstuffs, the size of a super Walmart.  Jimmy and I could've spent two hours roaming the aisles, but it was too cold to stay any longer than necessary.  We noticed everyone else had on a sweater or light jacket.  We were in shirt sleeves.  Oh well; next time we'll be prepared.  It was fun looking around.  I bought a box of green tea I've been looking for, and a couple other goodies.

From the market, we met our friends (and neighbors), Fran and Anson, for a Dim Sum lunch at New Canton on Broadway in Sac.  What a fun time we had!  They knew what and how to order ... Jimmy and I just sat and drooled.  Most of the dishes were steamed, and all of it was delish.  This brought back memories of having lunch in Louie's in Portland OR, with the ladies rolling Dim Sum carts from table to table.

Uh-huh.  Words don't always translate properly!

Part of our lunch order.  Just don't ask me what everything was!  Thanx, Fran and Anson!

After a brief stop at Tergel, we paid a visit to the nearby REI.  I had a gigantic dividend check burning a hole in my pocket (actually two dollars, big whoop), but I wanted to look at new lightweight hiking shoes.  My Keens are heavy, sturdy hikers, but too big or bulky for easier trails.  I found a pair of Merrell's that seem to fit, feel okay, and are lighter.  Spent my two bucks (and then some)!  Bypassing Starbucks, we drove to Cal-expo and brewed a cuppa our own coffee and relaxed.  That was it; we were in for the evening.  We enjoyed our three-day escape, altho we didn't do anything fancy.  We did just what we wanted.

Wrap it up Friday morning and head back up the hill (we live at 3200'), and a WINTRY Easter forecast. What?  Winter waits till Easter in April to show up?  That's plain crazy.  Well, if it involves rain or snow, bring it on!


  1. I'm pretty sure that is a white wisteria. Right season, right shape, leaves look like it...

    The dim sum photo made me drool. Those little steamed packets would make a tasty breakfast. Loved all the bike trail photos, our old stomping grounds (yes, stomping, as we were always on foot).

  2. So wonderful that Matt and Jen are close by these days!

  3. Our REI visit will have to wait as the closest one is in San Antonio, so our "big" dividend check will have to cool its heels for a while :-)) Fun and busy time in Sacramento.

  4. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Your pix of the Sacto bike trail, bridges, river, etc. brought back lots of memories for us. We hugely enjoyed that bike trail. The first nine months we were out there we were in a rental house that was TWO BLOCKS from the trail, so we used it lots and lots.


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