Holy Spring Snowstorm, Batman! Tuesday, 04/07/15

Well, the weather prognosticators got it right this time.  Easter Sunday, they said, would involve some rain, and it did.  Tuesday was when the snow level would drop to 3000' or even lower, and it did.  Oh boy, did it ever! All morning snow fell.  Our mountain was quiet, hushed even, while I was outside taking pictures, no sounds penetrating the thick snow curtain.  It was enchanting.  Also cold, but I was dressed for it.

Tergel, we can hardly see you!  These are not black/white photos, folks.

Heavy, wet flakes accumulated.  Branches covered in snow dipped toward the ground.  Delicate flowers sagged, became invisible, and will probably die.  The picture above is one of our native Dogwoods in full bloom.  It isn't supposed to drape like that.  We worried that it would snap.

So, on my second go-round of playing/trudging in the snow, I tried to shake off that added weight from the branches, freeing them.  I think it helped.  Finished with one tree, I was moving toward the tree on my left.

This picturesque tree is the Pink Dogwood in our front yard, the last one to leaf out and begin blooming.  If you look closely or enlarge the picture, you might be able to make out one or two pink blossoms peeking thru the snow.  Wonder how the flowers will fare when the storm is over?

The snow plow had already cleaned our road once.

Not the first time that poor rose bush (round planter) has been flattened by snow!

Giant snow cone atop the bird feeder!

What is nuts about this is ... we didn't really have a winter.  No snow, not much cold weather.  January and March both were unusually warm, set record hi temps, with no rainfall.  None, and typically January and March are our wet months.  Today, this one day, we received more rain than we did in all of January and March.  Upside down! Flip-flopped!  Crazy mixed-up global warming weather!

Haven't seen one hummingbird all day!

And look what we built!  Jimmy had never made a snowman before.  What fun we had!

Plowing the road and spraying sloppy wet slush everywhere!

When Fran and Anson saw us outside, they came out, too.  Anson brought his Wovel, a new-fangled contraption to remove snow.  I could only push the snow about two feet before my arms screamed, NO MORE.  Of course, he's younger!  Jimmy and Fran shoveled, while Anson woveled, and I patted more snow on the snowman.  Hey, someone had to take care of it!!

I think today's picture (right) might signal the end of the Dogwood flower.

The snowfall let up by afternoon, then around 4 pm Round 2 began, with more heavy, wet flakes accumulating (again).  We'll have to wait and see about plants and trees.  We have enjoyed our day, tho -- not all was lost. After Jimmy and Fran and Anson tackled the driveway, we shed the overshoes and jackets, came in the house and served up hot chocolate and coffee, with jelly beans and M&M's!

And this is a great nite to have a pot of homemade chicken soup for supper!


  1. Such astonishing weather! What a shame, though, that it is hurting the spring growing things....

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I love it!!! Especially Jimmy with the snowman!
    Love, Mary

  3. Wow! The folks in NZ told us that they seem to be getting more snow in spring than winter as well ... cannot plan on the weather being what we think it will be any more.

  4. Yep, that is a lot of snow but I am sure it will be gone within a day or two. It always looks so pretty when it first falls but once it gets plowed it just starts to look really dirty like it does here in Nova Scotia. We are finally getting some warmer weather and Kevin's snowman (Frank) has now melted away so hopefully for the sake of the East Coasters the rest of the snow will start to melt quickly.


    1. The last of the snowman disappeared this morning. :- )


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