Hoppy Easter to you! Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Despite worrisome weather forecasts, the clan got together at our house for the nicest Easter I can ever remember having.  Matt and Jennifer (with Sophie and Maggie), and Jen's parents, Tom and Alice, braved the predictions for the trip up to Nevada City.  We spent a wonderful day together, visiting, cooking, eating, laughing, and generally having a happy time.  The Easter bunny visited and left its calling card by way of a multitude of colorful jelly beans and pastel M & M's (as well as other assorted sweets).  

Jenny, Matt and a photo bombing Jimmy!

Sophie is the white one, and

Maggie is the black and white one.

The storm proved to be just a small front that blew thru, dropped a little rain and then ... and THEN ... like a page out of the children's illustrated book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, big globs of snow shot out of the sky on a slant, like loosely-packed snowballs, and splatted when they hit the deck, melting on the spot.  None of us ever saw snow like that!  It didn't last a minute, but it was fascinating, as you can see.  "Look, snow!"  More light rain fell, and that was it for the day.

Happy Easter!  Roasted chicken and asparagus, Orange-almond rice, and Au Gratin potatoes, were the main course, with Lemon Icebox Pie for dessert.  I made Deviled Eggs and Matt made Deviled Eggs (lousy communication?) and we had dozens of deviled eggs that dwindled down to six by the time everyone left, they were all that good.  Alice brought Easter baskets and appetizers, plus we served goat cheese and cayenne pepper jelly with crackers, and we ate till we couldn't eat anymore.  And then we patted our tummies, smacked our lips, and retired to the living room.  After cleaning up, of course.  L-R:  Alice, Tom, Jimmy, Jen and Matt.  Dogs were under the table ... vainly hoping.

We didn't actually see the Easter bunny, but we did see the Easter Robin building a nest that it only started working on this morning.  Outside our large dining room window (behind Matt and Jen, photo above), in the crook of the Dogwood tree, we watched a robin fly in and out the tree with bits of used hay and leaf litter.  Lucky us, the nest is slightly below window level, so we're able to look down into it.

"Arranging" the nest materials, just so.  Maybe soon we'll be able to see those robin-egg-blue eggs?

I call this "post-prandial stupor," which means, I'm full as a tick and can't move, and really comfortable stretched out here.  What a grand day we had.  Thanks to Alice and Tom, Jen and Matt, for making our Easter, really and truly, extra-special. 

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  1. Ain't nuttin much better than a family get-together! Glad the weather cooperated... Happy for you!


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