These shoes are made for walking! Friday, 4/17/15

I wear out shoes faster than ice cream melts on an April day ... especially athletic shoes.  Takes a bit longer to wear down the tread of a good hiking shoe like my sturdy Keen's, but I did that this year.  What I really wanted was a nice, lightweight hiking shoe, still sturdy, but not as heavy as the Keen's.  Trying on shoes of any type is NOT my favorite thing to do!  Because I needed shoes, I bit the bullet and after trying on quite a few brands at REI on Tuesday, I found my answer.  Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh is breathable, lightweight with great flexible support, and -- whoa, Nellie -- they felt like slippers on my feet!  A bit of heaven for the soles!  They don't even look too bad.  The bottom is actually yellow, not white as it appears in the picture below.  Yes, my sox are green....

Friday was the shoe test day.  We have a favorite canal path where we enjoy walking (hiking), but the canal has many sections as it wends its way downhill, and today we picked a new area.  One of the best features of walking a trail like this is it's fairly flat, railroad-grade flat, meaning only a 1% or 2% grade, with no mountainous climbs or dips.  Easy on the knees.  Not sure of the exact distance, but it was at least four miles.  Pretty, as well.

But first, here's the Pink Dogwood in our front yard.

After lunch, and off we go!

Scotch broom, considered a weed.  Attractive, but invasive.

This section of the canal is full of water, swift and deep and clear, 12ft wide in some places, hemmed-in by cement in others.  Jimmy believes the red metal crosspieces (above) are meant as support, to keep the cement from buckling or caving in.

We had to "go around" several gates.  We weren't the first ones to do this.

Spotted a couple of these guys:  Sierra Alligator Lizard ... it did look like a miniature alligator.

All I can tell you for sure is -- this is an Iris.

Crossing a deep ravine, the water flows thru a monstrous pipe.

Litter trap, mostly for catching leaf debris.

No one else trudged the trail today ... just me and Jimmy.  Peaceful.

Spied several dainty Yellow Star Tulips (Calochortus monophyllus).

Another danged gate ... you'd think somebody wanted to keep us out!

One of the longest ravine-crossing pipes.  Nice to have stairs and a walkway, huh? 

Not well used, not any more.

Spring is such a wonderful time to be Out and About, whether running or strolling or anywhere in between, surrounded by new day-glow-green growth and brilliantly-colored flowers, with their short shelf life.  Springtime colors in the foothills can certainly lift a person's spirits.  Today was one of those days, and I could have walked and walked forever.  Hey, does that mean the shoes passed their test?  You betcha, they did.  I wore them all day long (seven miles on my fitbit), without even noticing that I wore new shoes.  They are keepers!


  1. Nice flowers, nice canal, and great shoes!

  2. I'll have to look into them. We'll be doing quite a bit of "city walking" in a couple of months and it would be nice to have an alternative to my Keens.


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