A Peach of a Day ... Thursday, 5/28/15

One final post from our short excursion to Truckee -- the ubiquitous ride on Tahoe-Truckee bike trail.  It may be repetitious for some, but this trip is always fun for us and most times we discover something new, as we did today.  As it has been for the past several days, our weather today was nearly picture-perfect.

It's a short drive from our Granite Flat c/g on Hwy 89 to Squaw Valley Road.  At the corner is the very nice Squaw Valley Park, complete with playground, restrooms, drinking fountain, parking, and the Tahoe-Truckee bike trail. Click on the link if you want to see a map of the trail.  Neither of us likes riding on the road (any road), hence a bike trail like this is right up our alley.  Jimmy gallantly posed at the Olympic Flame entrance of Squaw Valley. Notice that it's warm enough for short sleeves!

This fellow, along with his two friends, passed us on the trail.  They stopped, we passed.  We stopped, they passed, etc., you get it.  99% of people on a bike trail are friendly and these young people were great. They asked Jimmy if he'd take their picture, and then they responded in kind.  Lots of laughter, especially when I asked the guy in the red shirt if he wanted to get in on our picture.  You see the result.  He gave us a good tip about Tahoe City, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Common Merganser creating a motor-boat wake on the river.

The tip was that Tahoe City had a Farmer's Market on Thursdays and he told us where it was, just off the bike trail.  We found it, no problem, at Commons Beach, right on Lake Tahoe's shore.  We parked our bikes and walked the grounds twice, then selected two juicy, ripe peaches and two oatmeal-raisin cookies to supplement our granola bar lunch.  Their market had quite a selection of good things.  The grassy area above had picnic tables, where we ate and watched the kids playing.  Lots of activity here on a Wednesday!

We continued our ride up North Lake Blvd and found an RV park -- Tahoe State Park, which we didn't know existed.  It's a nice-looking park, small, nestled in the pines, but we won't be staying there ... our rig is too long. The camp host, Denise, came out to greet us on our bikes and we spent a half hour visiting, sharing stories and learning about new places to stop.  Very helpful, interesting lady.

A flotilla flock (or a flocking flotilla?).

Back on the Truckee River trail, we spied this pier to ... uh, mid-air?  There won't be any whitewater rafting on the Truckee River this year.  Sorry, Matt.  Water is flowing, but it's thin.  Probably mainly from storm runoff, and it won't last.  Maybe NorCal will experience an El Niño this winter, and put the drought to rest.

It seems so darned strange that Texas has received 35 Trillion Gallons of rain in the month of May, tragically for many.  Feast or famine, all or nothing at all, in the weather department.  Yikes.

This picturesque ponding area on the river is backup from the beaver dam. 

The End.

Whoa, hold on!  Not really the end.  When I took my Canon PowerShot Elph 330H5 out of my bike bag to take one last picture, the lens cover was stuck open halfway.  It wouldn't open or close all the way.  Jimmy took it apart in Tergel, but I'm sorry to report, the camera is KAPUT.  I've been considering buying a new one (I wear the dang things out), but ....  This one has a 10X optical zoom.  More would be better, but I don't want to spend a TON of money on something that sits in my pockets or purse or a bike bag, and I drop occasionally.  I like a camera that will go anywhere, not something I have to wear around my neck.  So, I'm in the market and I'm open to suggestion.

Friday morning we go home.  It's less than 60 miles from our house to this campground.  Because it's close, we don't bother hooking up and I drive the Prius while Jimmy pilots Tergel.  Going home is fun because we drop from 7,239' at Donner Summit to 3,200' at home.  That's a lot of coasting for the Prius, and I watch the MPG skyrocket! Yee-haw!

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  1. Lovely trail ... I don't like biking along the road either, so my trike hasn't seen much action in Port A. Hopefully that will change in Colorado.

    So much rain in Texas ... wettest month ever in a long time according to the record keepers. No word about restricting the water restrictions yet. I almost wish they'd keep some of the restrictions in place so they don't use up the water and put the state back into a drought over the hot summer months.


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