Friday's choice, and it's a good one. 5/15/15

I liked looking at the date this week.  Every day, from the 10th till today, is a palindrome .. reads the same backward and forward.  Just like our Zip Code:  95959.  Neat, huh?

Sometimes ya just gotta get outdoors.  Our weather changed from weeks of sunny and warm (which geared everyone into an early planting mode) to cool and cloudy with (false) threats of showers.  Some areas received rain, but it wasn't our turn, I guess.  However, you can only hide in the house from damp, chilly days for so long before saying, OK, I'm outa here.  Don a jacket and hit the trail.  Today we trekked over a new canal trail, quiet and alone, wondering where exactly we were in the overall scheme of mountain/city, but enjoying each step, about three miles.  We're still not sure how this trail wound around the mountain, but that's ok. With Jimmy's bum knee, we try for flat, without boulders and giant tree roots, and this filled the bill, except for one dip. Wildflowers were the eye-catchers today.  Oh, and a surprise at the end.

 Sweet Pea -- lots blooming now

Ramm's Madia


 Somebody was dropping these from high above; we almost got conked on the head.  I think it's pretty.

 Ripening Manzanita fruit berries (edible when ripe)

Chicory (with bug)

Hairy Vetch

 Nice and flat path, except for this dip, intermittent sun/shade.

 This was a surprise ... the canal water exits here (under bridge) at Wolf Creek Release and ...

... gushes out here (Jimmy on bridge above) ...

 ... cascading down the mountain.

* * * * *

I believe our Robin story is finished for the year.  From the nest-building we watched taking place on Easter Sunday at our dining room window to a genuine empty-nest syndrome.  Yesterday we spotted this fella on a branch above the nest.  ("You can't see me if I hold very still.")  I got out my trusty point-n-shoot and aimed the lens into the nest. Empty, except for one lone blue egg that didn't hatch.  Two Robins fledged, and this morning when I checked the Dogwood and the surrounding ground, I saw no Robin red breast.  The Chickadees have also flown the coop, so to speak.  Dark-eyed Juncos hatched their own brood, and I saw one little fuzzball scooting along under a feeder, begging breakfast from its parents.  We've enjoyed watching all this, kinda like a three-ring circus at times.  Fact is, we'll miss it. 

I posted this picture on Facebook earlier this evening, with the caption of, "O boy, omelets for breakfast!"  Just kidding, of course, about using the baby-blue egg (tho omelets sounds good, using our big brown Tumbling Creek Farm organic eggs).  I add this photo as a size point of reference, using the hen's egg, to show how small the bird eggs really are.  Wonder what to do with it?


  1. such beautiful flowers!

  2. Replies
    1. Wildly rushing and very loud ... deafening when I was right next to the white water!

  3. Shadow box? Found nest? In an upside down seashell? Have fun with it!

    We were away for a week and came home to spy on two fuzzy red- shouldered Hawks being cared for by mom and pop in their big nest in our neighbors tree. We've been watching several weeks now. This species of hawk has only been coming to Kansas for about the last six years or so says our family ornithology expert, our oldest son Travis.

  4. Beautiful flowers. The only nesters around here were grackles, and they picked the tallest tree in which to do so. Didn't work out for them as the wind blew the nest off the tree and the eggs broke. Maybe they'll use our short tree next time.


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