Fun times in Nevada City and other adventures ... Monday, 5/11/15

Jimmy and I used to like watching the Tour de France before it was tainted by its nasty doping scandal.  We watched it from our living room, never dreaming to see it, or any major bike race, in person.  He and I both like the sport of bike-riding.  The farthest we rode in one day was 62 miles -- an all day endeavor for us -- and that was in honor of our 62nd birthdays (nine days apart in November)!  We spent two days recovering, but we did it!

When we discovered that Stage 2 of Amgen's Tour of California would begin right here in Nevada City, we said, "hot dog," let's go.  Elite cyclists from all over the world compete in this prestigious race.  In all, the Amgen Tour of California covers 700 miles of the Golden State from May 10-17, in nine Stages.  Riders pedal through several different landscapes from Sacramento, where the race began, to Pasadena, where the race concludes. Today's Stage took the cyclists from Nevada City south to Lodi, 120 miles away!  And they'll complete it in record time. Said an official, "It's as fast, fun and curvy as anything in the world.  It's a roller coaster all the way down to Auburn, but that's also the challenge"  It was fun to be a part of this famous event. 

A stellar day to ride today's Stage 2. 

Quite a crowd in both Nevada City and Grass Valley to watch the riders head up Broad Street.

 The race began at 11 am, and they really took off!

Here comes the peloton, zooming down South Pine Street at an unbelievable speed.  (Jimmy on right)

There they go ... that's the last we saw of them.  We walked back to Smartie, and drove to a spot in Grass Valley where we thought we could intercept the peloton, but they'd already flown through.  That was it, we couldn't catch 'em!  They smoked poor ol' Smartie and finished the 120 miles in five hours!  Amazing.  Mark Cavandish won Stage 1 yesterday and he won "by a whisker" in today's Stage.

* * * * *


The baby robins in our Dogwood tree are growing rapidly.  The first pic was taken May 6th.  The second pic was on May 10th.  I did not have a worm to offer!  We have Mountain Chickadees nesting in a box we put up only this spring at the other end of our back deck, as well as Chestnut-backed Chickadees nesting in a box that Jimmy made and nailed to a tree at the edge of our property.  We see lots of bird comings and goings to our feeders, and the adult robins are robbing me of valuable worms for my garden!  (I can deal with it)

This gorgeous Western Swallowtail visited each Bleeding Heart flower in our backyard.

This beauty is blooming in our front yard ... hallelujah, the deer don't eat Iris. 

Your eyes are not our of focus ... the waitress in Lefty's who took the picture didn't have a steady hand, oh well. Son, Matt and his pretty wife, Jen, took Jimmy and me out for a lovely Mother's Day dinner yesterday.  Thanks to this very special young couple and my sweet husband, I had a wonderful day. 


  1. What's not fun about a race like this is when you're sharing a narrow, curvy road with them ... and you're driving on the wrong side of the road to boot. Yup; happened to us in Wanaka, New Zealand in February. We had a grackle nest in one of our palm trees and were looking forward to seeing some chicks, but high winds destroyed it a few days ago, and we found the broken eggs on the ground.

    1. I'd be in trouble if I had to drive on the other (wrong) side of the road ... it would be messy. We share our curvy, narrow road with bikes all the time, but at least we're on the same side and it isn't an entire peloton! Too bad about the bird eggs. "Our" robins are growing fast, and so are all the other baby birds in the yard. Kinda neat to keep our eyes on them.

  2. Nice that you got to see a special bike race, even if it was only for a short while. 700 miles on a bike is a long way, I would certainly have a very sore bum!

    Love the shots of the baby robins. We had some here at the campground last year that were close to eye level and I too got to watch them grow, and it's amazing how fast they grow.


    1. I'm with you on the sore bum -- 700 miles in a week, I'd have dead-butt-itis!

  3. Yes that is a bearded iris. Fun to see the "serious" bikers zooming along, eh?

  4. Must be that the surgery went well, as Jimmy seems to be getting around pretty good!

  5. Ugh! I just remembered it was postponed. Sorry about that.

  6. Oh, what fun to see the bike riders! And you've got so much nature happening in your yard. The only baby birds we see are the water birds - several families of Canada Geese, and 3 or 4 of mallards, plus the black swan mom with her two babies. I know there is a red shouldered blackbird nest near the vegetable garden, because the parents come close to dive-bombing me when I visit!

  7. Love seeing the family together for Moms Day. So many happy happenings in Nevada City. I really enjoy reading about them. Having driven 49 from one end to the other, I can't imagine all those bikers on tthe curves!


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