Into the mountains ... May 26th, 2015

Here we are again, back to what's becoming one of our favorite spots.  It's a beautiful area and we can drive to it in little more than an hour.  Win-win!  We waited till the Memorial Day week-enders left to return to their jobs, leaving the campground open for the retirees.  When we drove Tergel into the c/g entrance, no one else was around ...just how we like it (tho later a few other RV's dribbled in).  It's been a year, almost to the week, since we camped at Granite Flat c/g on the Truckee River, and we're happy to be here.  This is in Tahoe Nat'l Forest -- so no hookups, but we filled our fresh water tank when we pulled in.  With our solar panels, we are juiced, and completely self-sufficient.

Jimmy has two more weeks to wait before he "goes under the knife" for his knee replacement, so we said, why not head up to the mountains.  The thunderstorms of the past couple of weeks are over, according to the weather service, who forecast nothing but fine days for us.

It's wonderful to see water in the Truckee River!  When we stayed at a Truckee BnB for our anniversary a month ago, the river was dry.  Very sad to see.  I guess we can thank all the rain/snow that fell during those storms for the water now flowing again.  Took this photo from our campsite.  

Our plan for today was to walk around town a bit, nothing special.  The clouds look ominous, but they were dry. I was surprised to see a snow dusting on the mountains east of Lake Tahoe, in Nevada, another gift of the storms that rolled thru the Sierras.  As I was fixin to take the picture, oops, here comes a freight train!  I waved, the engineer waved, and then he blew the horn right next to me ... and I nearly fell over! 

The first log cabin, circa 1863, erected by Joseph Gray to serve Dutch Flat wagon road traffic over Donner Pass, so sayeth the plaque beneath the window.  Jimmy and I are becoming more familiar with Truckee as we roam (and drive) the streets.  It's an easy, friendly town.

The pretty statue is located in a remembrance garden in Truckee (behind the old Truckee stone jail, 1875).

Jimmy wondered if this dilapidated structure with six numbered doors could be the original Motel 6?

On our walk-about, we stopped in the Truckee Hotel for the first time, and received a very nice personalized tour of the building.  Established in 1873, it has been a hotel continuously since then, albeit under different names.  The above pic was taken around 1909.  Moody's is the onsite restaurant and I'm thinking that we need to give it a try! Below is the hotel today ... terrific mountain views from the upstairs balcony!

These little rodents -- Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels -- are all over the campground, zipping around, digging up "nuggets," and begging food.  This particular guy was devouring a nut (?) at my feet, oblivious to me or Jimmy.  We don't feed them.

Home from town, we enjoyed sitting in our chairs with a cuppa coffee, a book (and squirrels), enjoying the serene beauty, and feeling grateful to be a part of it.  We'll be here till Friday.  Tomorrow maybe we'll go for a hike!


  1. No better way to while the time away before surgery.

  2. With such a beautiful view from your site, I'm surprised you were able to tear yourselves away to go sightseeing. I like those old west hotels ... they have character.

  3. Did you pick up some Truckee sourdough bread? I'm salivating just thinking about it!


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