It's a Red, White, and Blue Holiday! July 4th, 2015

And, since July 4th fell on a Saturday this year, it was also Nevada City's Farmer's Market day.  Like we did last week, I dropped Jimmy off at the level gathering place in front of NC's tourist info building.  Today, the area was brimming with people ... kids and adults and dogs (on leashes), sitting or standing, everyone enjoying the music. Some were snacking and savoring a cool drink, especially smoothies on this very warm morning.  Festive bunting and patriotic flags decorated buildings AND people.

I shopped and filled my cloth bag with zucchini, eggs, cukes, Swiss chard, the first delicious Suncrest peaches of the season, and three "summer green" apples.  Happy camper!  While I shopped, our friend, Cliff, visited with Jimmy, pleased to see him doing so well.  I found the two perched on a low rock wall, and this week a "face painter" was doing her thing right next to them.  Ohh, a light bulb went off.  I suggested Jimmy get his new knee painted!  He agreed and so did she!  After all, you only live once and why not have the best time you can ... right? Share the joy!  She was thrilled 'cause it was her first knee to paint!

It's a Happy Birthday America kind of knee!  Look how well it's healed.  He still has to use the walker (doctor's orders), but he can walk without it, maybe not confidently yet, but he can do it.  He was happy to get Out and About this morning, for sure.

Around lunch time, Matt and Jen and her parents, Alice and Tom, came up to our place for a collaborative holiday cookout. Burgers and dogs, chips and dips, tater salad and BBQ'd beans and every other fixin' you can think of! Honestly, we had enough food to feed half an army -- we ate well and often!  

The decorative knee was a big hit with the family, too!  (I wore my flag visor cap.)

By grillin' time, our NorCal temp hit 93°, with nary a breeze, so thank goodness we cooked outside.  The sky turned overcast a few times, but there never was a rain threat.  Grillmaster, Matt, did a fine job filling in for Jimmy.  We had the option of eating in or out.  Needless to say, we opted for air-conditioned in.  I think I can vouch for everyone when I say we all had a great time.  We love getting together, a win-win for both sets of parents and their two young'uns.

Alice and Tom, just chillin', with photo-bombing Maggie passing by.

What a mouthful!

This year we skipped the fireworks at the fairgrounds, no big loss.  We've seen some fantastic fireworks and light shows in our day.  Matt and Jen talked about stopping there on the way home to Sacramento, but I'm not positive they did.  It was getting on toward dark when everyone left at 8ish and it was still pretty hot. The weather service word calls for a cool-down next week.  I'm all for that one!   

Meanwhile, my plants are wilting daily.  It's almost like you can't pour enough water on them.  (Of course, in some cases, the water goes straight into a mole tunnel, bypassing the roots I'm trying to water, dang critters). There is an exception, however.  I'll get out tomorrow and take a photo or two of the Plants that Swallowed the Entire Backyard. Hope everybody had a great holiday!


  1. What a cool knee paint job! What a blessing to have such good times together!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun 4th. We stayed away from the crowds, and since fireworks are banned in CoS, no fireworks either. Love that knee paint job!

  3. Happy belated 4th of July, it looks like you had a good one! Love that decorative knee of Jimmy's, she did a fantastic job on it!

    That is an huge and delicious looking burger, my mouth is really watering. I think I could only eat half of it and I would be full.

    I know what you mean about watering the plants, I can't keep up with ours either because of the heat. Today was better, it was a fair bit cooler so they didn't need as much.


  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Sounds like things are going just dandy. LOVE Jimmy's knee paint. N.A.


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