Keeping up with the Joneses? Monday, July 20th

Our house and driveway are situated on a slope, with the road higher than the house.  That means any rain (what's rain?) or snow that falls washes down the driveway toward the house.  Drains that the previous owner put in years ago no longer worked, in spite of our efforts to update.  A rain diverter at the top of the driveway would keep water that's sheeting down the street from rolling down our driveway.  We looked into doing it ourselves and couldn't find what we wanted.  A neighboring house has a diagonal asphalt strip from one side of the drive to another (like a speed bump).  We thought that would work for us.  Also, one of our BIG Cedar trees sent an equally BIG root out and up, up, up thru the existing asphalt ... directing rain toward our garage instead of toward the grass.   And drainage right in front of the house?  It didn't.  In short, we needed help.

Earlier this year, we contacted several paving companies and one responded.  In April, we signed with Hansen Bros to repair several areas, followed by re-coating.  They said they were booked till July (Wow!). It's July! Monday morning about 7:30, whole crew of workers and machines showed up, ready to rock 'n roll.

Day One:

Oh, good, I closed all the windows.  The little saw (below) blew "dust" everywhere.

Amazing how much noise this saw makes.

Digging out old asphalt in front of the house and beginning to cut asphalt where the root is (guy on left)

Lots of huge pieces of root came out and rock fill is going in.

Out with the old.  Jimmy checks the drawing.

Another root that the Cat had to break and pull out.

It was decided at the last minute to cut out and replace this section (where it's broken).

It didn't smell as bad as I thought it would.

Spreading asphalt.  They knew what they were doing!

Carefully packing the new drain.  3° grade.

Yeah, it's loud ... scared me half to death when he fired it up.  He's fixin' to roll where the tree root was.

Tree root - done; drain by house - done.  Next - add asphalt to this small section to widen drive.

I want them to come back and paint this diagonal rain diverter fluorescent pink or yellow.  Yes?

Tomorrow:  Day Two.


  1. WOW! What a project! Our guys are working on our front deck right now, using a jackhammer to dig out where they are going to pour concrete (adding new steps to the back of the deck). Projects are always so much MORE everything than I picture! More noise, more size, more mess, more money! Still, this will be a great improvement for your place, won't it?

  2. Now I know what you were posting about on FB ;-)


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