Regular stuff ... July 10th - July 18th, 2015

I picked up this humongous 22-pound, double-decker box of June Ripe Peaches at Beirwagen's Donner Trail Fruit on Tuesday, with the intention of canning them on Wednesday.  They weren't quite ready by Wednesday.  So, Thursday they'd be perfect to put-up.  Heck, Thursday was our kayaking day  . Maybe when I got home ....

If you read my previous post, you know I didn't have enough energy left to lift my little finger when we got home from kayaking, so the peaches would have to wait till Friday.  Jimmy helped peel them (it seemed like they'd multiplied overnight!), and while we had a little waste due to playing the day before, it wasn't too bad.  Net:  Ten pints in jars and two pints in the freezer.  Nice haul!  (Plus, a few didn't make into jars!)  We'll enjoy the fruits of our labors come winter.

Saturday, the 18th, we arrived at Nevada City's farmer's market when it opened at 8:30, early for us.  Jimmy left his walker at home and navigated the streets and sidewalks just fine, albeit carefully.  We beat the crowd and got to visit with friends, Marlene and Cliff (below), before all their mushrooms sold out.  After filling our bag with eggs, zucchini, a melon, kale, eggplant, and lettuce, we made our way to Three Forks Bakery for a cuppa and a sweet breakfast treat.

Our friend, Terry, joined us for coffee at Three Forks and we had a nice, long visit.

A week ago, on the 10th, we stopped by Wheyward Girl Creamery (next to Three Forks) to welcome them to Nevada City.  They'd opened two days before.  We bought two of their lunch bags (local Point Reyes cheese, dried cherries from Michigan, specially prepared almonds and a dark chocolate goodie) and walked to the Pelton wheel "square" for a picnic of sorts.  We like supporting our local businesses.  Soon, the ladies will be making their own cheeses.  Yum, we love cheese!

Nice lunch!  I ate my chocolate first!


  1. That does look like a nice lunch ... but dessert first ... tsk, tsk, tsk ;-)))

  2. I would have been all over that mushroom stand! Way to go with having the chocolate first.

  3. Of course it is dessert first! Loved all those lovely mushrooms! Farmer's Markets in the Mother Lode are one of the very best things to enjoy. Nice to see Jimmie is walking around so well! Encouraging.


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