Another one off the list ... Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Jimmy said to me while he was driving Smartie up Hwy 101 from Cape Blanco toward Coos Bay, “We must like to be lost ... well, not really lost, just not exactly sure where we are.”  I replied, “It’s a challenge to us, I guess.”  Or, as we’re fond of saying when our route doesn’t take us where we think it SHOULD go -– 

You Can’t Get There From Here

We were trying to get to the beach road that would take us to Cape Arago and the lighthouse, and ended up in Coos Bay at their farmer’s market!  What luck, tho, we bought three of the sweetest corn-on-the-cob ears ever, and, in a round-about way, ended up at Cape Arago Lighthouse.  Haha, it was not only inaccessible, it was nearly impossible to see; no wonder we’d missed this one on previous Oregon trips!  Ah well, we had a nice day without too much walking, which we need every so often.  It was cool and off/on misty along the coast and viewpoints … so, mostly ... they weren’t.

Long (really long) distance zoom

After we got back to Tergel, we decided to head north to Carl G Washboard St Pk for the next few nights, but - tho the distance is only about 100 miles - we’ll have to get a pretty danged early start to get a site.  If we can get in, that will take care of our first weekend out.  (it’s actually Washburne ).


  1. We could see the Cape Arago lighthouse from the trail the goes south from Sunset Bay. Great hiking there and we really enjoyed it. Glad to see you have found sunny skies free of smoke! Looks wonderful

  2. Sounds like some of our drives in the San Patricio area ... nice surprise finds make getting lost worthwhile.


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