Banks-Veronia State Trail, Oregon -- Wed, 8/26/15

We made it to Stub Stewart State Park, located approx half way between coastal Tillamook and the City of Portland, in an easy morning's drive.  We spent a few days here in Sept 2011, specifically to ride the bike trail. This year we aimed for this park because all the coastal parks further north that we tried to get in were full.  Not a problem for us, we'd ride the trail again!  This park offers wide sites with full hook-ups, nice after boondocking or camping in the woods for days, so we signed up for the 25th - 27th.  Stub Stewart is like a big, multipurpose playground with walking, hiking, disc golf, and biking (inc heart-pounding mountain biking) for those whose idea of recreation is active ... like us ... or who just a comfy spot to sit and read.  It's a quiet, semi-wooded campground, but it's funny that when I awoke our first night, I realized I missed hearing a foghorn!

With his left knee continuing to recuperate from replacement surgery, we decided to bike from Buxton to Banks and back, a distance of 15 miles.  Smartie took us to Buxton, where we unloaded the bikes and right away, we began a two-mile descent -- not something I remembered -- we coasted two miles!  Okay, that means on the last leg of our ride, we'd climb two miles, which is bad planning IMO.  I didn't need to worry, tho, we both rode up the long uphill return all right.  

Eight-foot wide Banks-Veronia trail follows an abandoned railroad bed that actually stretches 21 miles, with several access points.  The grade is mostly gentle.  Above is one of the trail highlights -- a 700-foot long, 80-foot high trestle at Buxton.  (Another is at Horseshoe.)  The trail also has 13 bridges.  Here comes Jimmy.  We are a long way up!

In 2011, we loaded our bicycle baskets with apples.  We're too early to pick fruit, but I did eye these pears.
Alas, not to be.

This long meadow ends with the beginning of our climb.  Most enjoyable to ride in fields and forests, with scenic mountain views.

I stopped to "chat" with these critters.  After initial hesitation, the three approached the fence (at trail's edge) and one of them tried to lick my camera lens -- yucky!  I told them, "See ya later, dudes," but I don't think I will .

Almost back to Buxton.

Jimmy's favorite Oregon coffee shop, The Black Bear Coffee Company (Motto:  Just suck it up) in Veronia.  The music is good, oldie rock n' roll, not blaring thank-you-very-much, and the coffee is tasty.  We drove up here on Thursday, to walk around the town a bit after coffee, but the day grew hot, and I don't do hot very well.  It was fun to visit again.  Jimmy bought another T-shirt here, and this one rocks!

The End!


  1. The bike trail looks really nice. I'm not sure if I prefer the uphill climb at the beginning or the end of a bike ride. All I know is two miles uphill at one time is a long way, I sure hope it was a gentle uphill climb! ;-)


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