Fun in the Sun -- Cape Blanco State Park -- Aug 18 to ?

Man, since we didn't have reservations anywhere, we hauled ourselves out of bed and got moving, leaving Eureka CA close to 8 am.  We limped into Oregon on fumes, knowing that gas prices were 50 cents lower than in coastal NorCal, and filled Tergel up in Brookings.  GasBuddy.com is our friend.  Our original aim was Humbug Mountain State Pk, but that didn't suit either of us (a glance is all it takes), so we crossed our fingers and continued north a few miles above Port Orford to Cape Blanco State Pk. The entrance sign on Hwy 101 said, "Campground Full."  Uh-oh.  Well, that never stopped me and I didn't hesitate today; it doesn't hurt to check.  Not a problem ... the park had lots of sites available.  We camped here in 2009 and now we're back!  Good deal.

After setting up camp in a wide, private W/E site, we drove down to the beach (Jimmy's new knee didn't need two days in a row of steep up/down).  High tide was ebbing.  Cape Blanco Lighthouse sits atop the distant headland.  The beach is lovely, wide and sandy, perfect for digging toes in the sand.  Not many rocks can be found on the beach, but a lady bug found one. 

Windswept Cape Blanco is a prominent headland forming the westernmost point in the state.  This cliff-faced, level-topped landform is lashed by waves on three sides and towers 200' above the surf.  Behind me, Needle Rock juts from the water like an obelisk.  It's also home to lots o' Pelagic Cormorants.

Jimmy found a Gandalf stick in the debris pile.  Windswept, indeed!

Camel ride, anyone?

We can only guess at the wind and waves that create a massive sand dune like the one I tried to climb, but didn't -- the sand burned my feet.  I turned tail, and ran to the water.

From this angle, Needle Rock looks like a ship's bow.

The cold water felt good for approximately three seconds.  Then my feet froze.

Notice Moby Dick floating atop the ocean, upper right? 

Think we'll hang around here for a few days!


  1. Looking wonderful, Nickie. We only spent a night at Humbug, but we were almost the only ones there and it was springtime, so we really enjoyed it. It was perfect for hiking the mountain which we loved. That mountain was on our list. When we looked at Cape Blanco in the spring it was sooooo dark and closed in...so we decided not to try it. Different strokes for sure. And Different times of year as well. Looks like a great place to stay for a few days and avoid the smoke and heat that are rolling around inland.

  2. Kevin uses GasBuddy.com as well, when you have to put gas into a motorhome you definitely want to put in the cheapest that you can find.

    Cape Blanco looks like a great area so glad that you were able to get a spot in the campground. I can't wait until we can make our way down that coast. One day!


    1. Coastal Oregon is certainly worth seeing. The trouble is ... it would take a lifetime to see it all!

  3. Amazing wood and rock formations. Just gotta use a lil imagination to see things, like a camel.

  4. We have seen some astounding things on the Pacific Coast......

  5. Gorgeous beach. I love poking around driftwood, but never found a camel ;-)

  6. Looks like a fun beach, I've never seen so much Driftwood in one place.


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