Next stop is, uh ... ok, ok, it's Tillamook! Mon/Tues 8/24-25

Continuing up the coast, we aimed for Nehalem Bay, or, if we couldn't get in there, further north to Ft Stevens State Park. The drive along Hwy 101 to Nehalem Bay is roughly 100 miles, easily doable. When we reached Tillamook, we decided to call to insure that they had spaces available. Oops, they were full. I called Ft Stevens, and they were booked solid. More calls and everything was full. I found a place to make a "bat turn" on Hwy 101 -- always a challenge in Tergel towing Smartie -- we'd seen a sign entering Tillamook that read Air Park and RV Park. Jimmy called and learned they offered dry camping. We found a quiet, unassuming grassy area with about 12 RV pads and only a couple of other campers, and the best news is we were right next to the air strip ...

... and the biggest air museum you'll ever see.  (used to be for blimps)

And this, my friends, is the only plane that flew in or out of Tillamook's Air Park.
At least it was pretty.  I walked all around it.

After setting up camp (that would be leveling and letting out the slides), we walked around a bit and found an unused trail that led to the "bridge" above -- surrounded by the Mother Lode of Blackberries.  Jimmy is the one who suggested we go get our Tupperware and PICK.

He didn't even get a scratch!

They were big and ripe and delicious.  We picked about ten cups and made a wonderful blackberry dessert.

Oregon's shortest lighthouse

After lunch and picking, we talked about going to Cape Meares, see the lighthouse, and en route, we discussed if we'd seen it on previous RV trips.  Nope, we'd remember if we'd seen it.  The lighthouse isn't exactly on any beaten path, but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Jimmy exclaimed, "We've been here; we've seen this lighthouse!"  I hope we are not the only travelers who do stuff like this, but it really makes you feel foolish.  Sure enough, we visited in 2009.

This wonderful cliff face is home to nesting Peregrine Falcons, but even with my binocs, I couldn't make out any falcons.  I think I spotted a couple of Common Murres, but a scope would have helped.

Kinda windy!

We researched campgrounds and RV parks all over the coast and found nothing available.  Inland might be our only recourse, and then Jimmy suggested Stub Stewart State Pk, between Tillamook and Portland.  We called.  They said yes.

Look at these cornfields at the air park!  Can I tell you that when we drove back from the cape to "our air park," I asked Jimmy to stop so we I could pick a couple of ears for our dinner.  We'd already stopped at Fred Meyer's and didn't buy corn (3 for a buck) because I wanted "FRESH" corn for dinner.  If you pick it, it's fresh.  He alluded to me being kinda, well, maybe too thrifty might be a good way to say it.

Worst corn we've ever tasted!

Tuesday morning, we set our horizons on another short haul, inland to a park we KNOW we've been to and liked it very much.  Problem solved.


  1. I just finished a Tillamook strawberry ice cream sandwich. It was good. I really like that photo of the cliffs.

  2. you now know the difference between 'sweet' and 'field' corn

  3. Field corn isn't the best stuff for eating.

  4. Yup, feed corn. Ack. Been there done that. Also have visited places we weren't sure we had visited, but I usually check my own blog to be sure before we wander off unless we really want to do it again. We do that with movies too. I hate that. About ten minutes in we look at each other and say...Uhoh...we have seen this one. Takes an incredible movie for us to watch it twice. Yeah.. the coast is almost always all filled up this time of year. We have finally decided to avoid it during the high season summer months...but then we would miss things like the Tillamook airport. good call! We stayed at Fort Stevens one year, but I think it was December or something. Cold!

  5. We manage to get places to stay on the coast and are so grateful!

  6. Omg those blackberries! Make a jar of jam and send it to me!


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