Another beachy day on Washington's coast - Wed AM 9/2/15

Wednesday was a busy day, but in a good way.  The first thing we did was ... go to the beach!  Ruby Beach is one of the most photogenic beaches we've ever seen, one we could walk on forever.  It has it all, with wonderful sea stacks, piled-up bleached logs, tide pools, and crashing waves, of course.  A most beautiful beach.  From the parking lot, we walked down a short switchback trail, bordered by thick native shrubs, emerging at a humongous pile of tossed and torn logs.  And then this:

 Three miles offshore is Destruction Island, where a peak gust of 87 mph was clocked in Saturday's storm!

This inverted tree root system (what's left of it) looked like a monster piece of ginger!

After leaving the beach, we drove north a little ways on Hwy 101, seeing more and more downed trees from Saturday's storm.  Suddenly we saw a sign that read, Hoh Ox-bow Campground.  Hmm, we pulled in.  Other than guys with chainsaws cleaning up a tree that had toppled onto the boat ramp, only one other site was taken in this small state campground.  

We checked the first site -- wide and open to the sky -- overlooking the milky, slate-colored Hoh River, nodded to each other, and decided on the spot to move Tergel.  Right then.  All we needed was our Washington Discover Pass to stay there.  We left our folding chairs on site, so it looked occupied, returned to Kalaloch C/G (12 miles away), packed up Tergel (which didn't take long), and made straight for Hoh Ox-bow. Best of all?  I mean other than lots o' solar? Listening to the river rocket past on its way to the ocean.

Once resettled, we continued our exploration.  To the Hoh Rain Forest.

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  1. We thought Ruby Beach was a magical place, too!


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