Issues, lots of issues! Tues, September 1st, 2015

We left our campground on Long Beach WA peninsula and drove north toward coastal Olympic National Park (ONP) under drippy skies, arriving early afternoon at Kalaloch C/G (Ka-lay-lock).  That's when things got sort of interesting.  Because Labor Day weekend approaches, we made reservations at campgrounds till the holiday was over.  As I stood in the nice warm sun at the check-in kiosk, the ranger said our assigned site was not available, but they could accommodate our rig on the next loop.  "Issues?" I asked, with a smile.  "Oh yes, you could say that!" she replied.  "The campground has been closed and just reopened." 

The windstorm that nearly knocked my sister, Nannie, and me off our feet walking on the beach last Saturday (8/29) did a lot of damage along the west coast. Both Kalaloch and Mora (further north) campgrounds in ONP had to be evacuated and were closed from Saturday till today. In fact, Kalaloch opened only an hour or so before we showed up! Downed trees and limbs meant lots of cleanup. It's a miracle no one was hurt. Our site was considered dangerous due to large hanging tree limbs that the work crew hadn't gotten to yet. We'd noticed cut-up downed trees alongside Hwy 101 and a whole lot of leaf and small limb debris, but what we didn't know was that this major north/south highway was closed because it had quite a few big ol' trees laying across it! Aside from shifting our site, our stay at the c/g wasn't affected, but we wondered about all the other folks -- what would they do? Cancel vacations? Imagine the nightmare! By the time we filled our fresh water tank and got settled in our narrow site, it was time to start dinner.

Kalaloch has no hookups, and this new site is very shady, so the solar panels won't get much sun. We decided to look for another spot tomorrow.

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  1. After hearing about all that storm damage, I think we should be thanking our lucky stars for our safety and good timing.....


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