Monday is Museum Day -- Aug 31st, 2015

Long Beach peninsula, where we are camped, is a long, narrow arm at the southwestern tip of Washington. It measures 28 miles in length from north to south, bordered by the Pacific on one side and Willapa Bay on the inside.  Hard to get lost and easy to find what you're looking for.  With cool, iffy weather forecast, the four of us decided to "do" museums today.

Hey!  Nannie it's your turn to be a mermaid and I'll be the shark.

Because winds always blow in from the Pacific, the peninsula is famous for kite flying and, in fact, hosts the Washington State International Kite Festival for one week every year, which is quite a big deal and draws large crowds.  And we missed the date by one week!  Durn!  We plunked down a few bucks each to go thru the kite museum, a fascinating two-story building chock-a-block full of colorful kites, all sizes and configurations, from delicate and lacy to the big dude below.  Some were exquisite.  Very tight place to take pictures, tho.

Aaaargh!  Nannie and I are being gripped by long, sharp talons.

Anyone who wants to can make a kite at the museum.  You see our creations above.  Two of us decided to "go fly a kite" in front of the place as soon as we left the building!  (Nannie and I also each bought a T-shirt celebrating last year's festival.)

* * * * *

Further north on the peninsula, we enjoyed a self-guided walking tour on a working cranberry farm.  All-in-all, about a half-mile round trip, free of charge, although a gift shop is on the premises .  We came away with a few goodies.

On either side of the dike road, varieties of cranberries grow.  We learned new facts at this farm ... one is that it takes about three years after planting before the first harvest and five years for a full harvest, but ... cranberries are a perennial wetland plant that can produce for 100 years or more!  Didn't know this before. Visiting here was a really interesting experience.

Makes me think of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

* * * * *

We cooked Brats for dinner (Nannie bought bison-blueberry Brats in Canada), and afterwards she and I walked down to the beach one last time.  Tomorrow, Sept 1st, we leave -- they're moving south and we're nosing north. It was cool and windy this evening (of course) and we were just about the only two people on this stretch of beach.  When we got thoroughly chilled and were ready to return to our warm campers, we spotted a man (with a satchel) coming onto the beach from the RV park.  Kite, we murmured to each other, so we stopped to watch. It took him a long time to undo the package, line 'em up, and get them flying, but it was worth the wait!

Tomorrow we move on; we have reservations at Kalaloch C/G on the Washington coast in Olympic National Park.  As always, we've had a grand time with my sister and brother-in-law.  Safe travels to you, with love!


  1. Those kites are fantastic! That museum has been in my sights for awhile but we've haven't made it there. Now we really have to go!

    1. The kites are fantastic and so many in one place boggles the mind! I'd recommend it for sure.

  2. I have always loved kite flying. I could watch them for hours.

  3. Yes, sister! Safe travels to you, after the fact, and we are three sleeps away from home!

  4. Loved the kite photos, but you two look COLD! I know, hot isn't any fun either, but I do sorta detest being cold. It was cold when we were there, but it was late winter, so I expected it. Cold and wet. I guess I should get used to it. Ireland will be damp and chilly.


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