Rockin' on to Rocky Point, OR -- Sept 10-12, 2015

From the Valley River Mall in Eugene, Oregon, we drove the "back roads" (Hwys 58 to 97) to our friends, Sue and Mo, in Rocky Point. Sue had texted directional maps for us to use, but when we needed them most, we had no cell service!  Darned ol' road construction delayed us close to an hour (and we are always appreciative of our motor home where we can get up, move around, go potty, eat, etc).  Jimmy was at the wheel first and I spelled him halfway.  The road signage on Hwys 97 and 62 to Rocky Point was nonexistent.  I managed to do one of my infamous bat-turns in mid-highway when we missed a turn.  We truly had no idea where we were, but we saw lots of cows!  I parked in the middle of a farm road so Jimmy could walk to the farmhouse and ask directions for Westside Road.  Little did we know that we were spot-on.  As you see in the photo below, we made it!  Squirrely drive!

The warm welcome we received let us fast forget about that drive!  Sue suggested a walk with Rattie Mattie, so off we went, walkin' and talkin' and walkin' some more.  Mo stayed home to take care of needed yard work. Look at the gorgeous green grass!  They have the absolute best well water this side of the Mississippi (other side, too, probably).  Long shadows were falling by the time we got Tergel squared away in their driveway, and dinner preparations were underway in the house.  Sue fixed grilled salmon, a confetti coleslaw, and basmati rice with shredded raw zucchini, beans and corn and everything was delicious.  And then we had mouth-watering apple galette for dessert.  All the while, we talked and visited and laughed and enjoyed each other's company.

Funny how you meet people via blogging and you become friends, like you've known each other for years.

At dinner we four discussed what we might do the next day (Friday).  Kayaking on nearby Recreation Creek seemed to please everyone.  Instead of me and Jimmy hauling our inflatable Sea Eagle kayak out of Tergel, we were free to each use one of their extra kayaks.  Whoa!  Nice!  That's what we did.  Mind you, it's been years since either Jimmy or I have paddled our own kayak and we weren't sure how shoulder issues would react.  I'd be lying if I said we didn't feel the EIGHT MILES we paddled, but we really and truly loved being out there on the water.  L-R above:  Sue, messing with her camera, Jimmy in the blue kayak, and Mo on the right.

Even Rattie Mattie joined the fun.  She's a relatively new dog to Sue and Mo, and still unsure of some things. One thing for sure, she wore a life jacket, and thank goodness she did -- 'cause she jumped in (the water is spring-fed and cold), and Mo had to reach down to haul her bad-self out by the life jacket.  Maybe a lesson learned?  She shivered in Mo's kayak till she dried off.  (She's a rat terrier, hence the name)

We put in at Malone Springs Boat Launch on Recreation Creek, paddling north against a gentle current, to Crystal Springs.  This section of the Upper Klamath NWR is not heavily traveled and we saw no one else on the water. Sandhill Cranes and White Pelicans were the only wildlife we identified, but we scared up a few flocks of ducks and annoyed a Belted Kingfisher.  The shallow creek was bordered by tules for much of the way.

We came across several of these huge beaver houses.  I've never seen anything like it.

Enjoying the ride!

Sue and I beached our kayaks and got out to stretch.  Crystal Springs was amazing -- we paddled over a number of fissures with deep, clear and intensely turquoise-blue water, marveling at each one.  This was our turn-around point -- now we'd be gliding back with the current, oh boy! -- tho, truthfully, I didn't feel much of an assist!  

What is this?  The creek was lined with what appeared to be giant arrowroot leaves or something like it, but this is called a Wocus, which is a large yellow water lily found in the northwestern US.  Wocus was one of the main nutritious food staples of the Klamath Tribes, and the dried seed shells were used as a dye for the tules used in making baskets. This was all that was left of the yellow flower so late in the season.

We were so busy doing and eating (yum-yum) that I neglected to take more pictures.  We all retired early and were up early, making breakfasts and dinners.  Jimmy and I napped after kayaking, and then went right into eating dinner!  But this pic above was one of a set of pictures, taken Friday evening, with four adults and one dog, and this was the only one that at least one of us wasn't either making screwy faces or something!  We were all laughing and having a good time!  We really did have a good time.  Thanks, Sue, thanks, Mo for everything! (I made sure to fill up our water bottles with that pure well water before leaving!)

So, Saturday morning (9/12) we hauled out at first light and hit the road, aiming for home by late afternoon.  Our time on the road -- indeed, spent mostly near water -- was over and we needed to get back.  We had a grand time visiting with family and friends, walking beaches, listening to foghorns and nighttime raindrops (happy sounds), biking and hiking and being alive.  The trip mileage was 1,991 miles for the four weeks.  Jimmy said we should've driven another nine miles, make it an even two grand!

Next up?  Getting ready for The Big Trip!


  1. Can you believe they're going to move out of that beautiful place? Visiting there is a real treat!

  2. Nice to make friends, no matter how it happens!

  3. What wonderful memories. So looking forward to more good times with you both. You are special people for sure.


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