Together again -- in Washington! 8/28 - 8/31, 2015

They were heading to the Northwest to escape the hot-humid South, and we were traveling North to get out of smoke and heat.  We didn't know where we'd meet, exactly, but we honed in on the Discovery Coast, Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.  We parked next to each other for four nights at Westgate RV Park in Ocean Park.  Tergel arrived first (less distance) and they arrived in mid-afternoon.

And my sister and I were soooo happy to see each other!

But first, Jimmy and I left Stub Stewart St Pk, aiming for this bridge into Washington.  Over four miles long, the Astoria-Megler Bridge that spans the Columbia River at its mouth is a steel cantilever through truss bridge (whatever that means). I do know that it's one whale of a structure ... from Oregon to Washington.

Approaching the Washington shore, "small" fishing boats filled with hopeful salmon fishermen dot the waters.

This is what happens when we're together.  We make each other laugh somehow and we end up with the giggles till we just about fall down!  Sisters are such fun.  Friday evening, she and I drove to Long Beach's farmer's market, but we didn't linger -- it was raining. 

A short walk on a trail over grassy dunes brings us to the Pacific. 

Friday is fish night!  Delicious salmon dinner.

Rain fell in the night, and wind-whipped pine needles covered our vehicles.  We KNEW the wind was blowing hard when we set out Saturday morning to view the waves, but little did we know that we were going to be in the midst of near hurricane-force winds from what would be called "The Strongest Summer Cyclone in History!" Bubba and Jimmy opted out of getting close to the water; they stayed at the top of the grassy dune.

Nannie and Bubba struggled to stay upright while taking pics.

Me (pink) and Nannie (blue) stagger in the wind toward the surf, which is actually quite a distance from us here. She grabbed hold of my arm because she was "afraid you'd blow away!"  Don't you believe it!  Two are easier to stay upright than one.  Once out in the middle of the sandstorm, however, we were aghast at the wind velocity (60+ mph ?).  I took one quick picture.  Nannie opened her point n' shoot, shot a quick video, and wrecked her camera (lens cover would no longer open/close w/out manual help).

Returning to the grassy dunes was a chore.  Bubba took this picture.

My one picture -- the sand was racing across the hard pack.

Ha!  We survived, but we had sand everywhere!  Quite an experience, for sure.

I emptied blowing sand from my shoes for two days!

I'm positive we were never in danger; certainly it was a rush being out in the wind.  This is what "the sisters" do! Back at our campers, we debated about "what's next?"  Lunch out, a visit to Jack's Country Store, and a trip back in time to Oysterville.  Tomorrow's post.  The end of the big wind adventure ... whew!


  1. Loved the wind story, and its so much fun to see yu and Nannie together

  2. Ah, yes, sister-time! We sure have a good time!


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