Merry Christmas Eve! December 24th, 2015

What's better than a snowball fight or making a snowman or sledding on Christmas Eve?  Not too much!  This is being called the Christmas 2015 storm and, while it wasn't quite as moisture-laden as predicted, it was definitely forecast for today. We were hoping snow would fall tomorrow, but -- alas -- it doesn't look promising.  There is an excitement in the air when a weather event such as this is in the works, and when I looked out the window this morning, sure enough, our world was covered in a blanket of white.

Last evening, Jimmy parked the Prius at the top of our driveway ... just in case ... so we could get out on Christmas Day.  I took the photo above at 7am when I went out in my red and white polka-dotted boots to get the newspaper.  It was a dark and gloomy morning, and we didn't hear any sleigh bells ringing.  The snowplow hadn't cleared our road yet, but when they did start, a snowy berm piled up in front of the car, which Jimmy tackled. Eventually the road turned to slush, and then the plows splashed a slushy mess up on the Prius.  After the driveway was cleaned, Jimmy moved the car down the driveway a bit.

Meanwhile, Anson and Fran, our friends across the street, brought out a big inner tube for sliding down the short hill in front of their house.  Naturally, we all had to test it.  The St Johns Wort finally served a good purpose when its dense tangle of vegetation stopped us from careening onto the road.  


Jimmy clears the driveway in front of the Prius.

Fran takes a turn wielding the "Wovel" to clean off the rest of our driveway.
Many thanks to you and Anson!

While our brothers and sisters in the East and South are "enjoying" warm, even spring-like,
Christmas weather, I rolled snowballs into a ...

... proper snowman!  I wonder if the carrot will be gone in the morning?

Jimmy's turn on the inner tube.  Anson gives him a push.

Yeehaw!  As Anson goes splat, Jimmy sails down into the St Johns Wort.
(We can all attest that it ain't easy getting out of that tube!)

Fran brought her kitty, Pocket, outside for me to pet.  Pocket and I are great friends, but when I set her down in the snow, she bolted for the front door.  She wanted back inside where it was warm.

Nice pile of snow there, Jimmy.  Here in the foothills, the storm didn't drop an odious amount.  I think we rec'd about three inches (plus some sleet), just enough to play in, not enough to keep us indoors or to keep us shoveling.  Us?  Hah - I didn't do any shoveling!  I was busy making a snowman and sledding.  NorCal did have a strange thunderstorm this afternoon, complete with a tornado warning and buckets of hail, south of us in El Dorado County.  Wild stuff for this part of the country.  All this will be gone soon, yet more weather is predicted for early next week.  NorCal has also had beaucoup rain this past week to ten days -- most welcome, for sure -- every drop helping to refill the reservoirs and lakes. 

This morning I baked a yummy cranberry-walnut upside-down cake to take for Christmas dinner tomorrow with Matt and Jen and her parents in Roseville.  I also made a batch of seed brittle and this evening I popped an eggnog cheesecake in the oven.

Earlier, neighbors came bearing homemade sweets, and this afternoon, we shared Christmas cheer with our friends, Fran and Anson.   Wonderful smells and warmth from the oven filled our home today, while snow created a winter wonderland outside.  Standing next our little tree glowing with colorful lights, gaily-wrapped presents nestled beneath, Jimmy and I are truly happy and grateful to have so much.  As we gaze out on our snowy landscape we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a "Super Great and Terrific New Year!"


  1. So many blessings, so much gratitude! Love y'all!

  2. Oh I do remember those "snow plow berms" and having to go back out and clear it before it froze in place ;-) That wovel looks like a great idea ... sure could have used one way back when I was clearing post-blizzard snow in Virginia. Nice to see your "snowy Eve" wasn't all work and no play.

  3. That cake looks deee-lish!

  4. Looks like a perfect Christmas Eve - fun,friends and food!
    Marry Christmas!

  5. What a great looking day. Love the kitty, and the snow looks fairly mild, just enough to get wet! Love the photo of you on the inner tube especially! Merry Christmas to a couple of very favorite people!

  6. Looks like perfect weather for the Christmas season. Love that you two still act like kids, that's what keeps you both so young. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.



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