Fun times, Silly shenanigans -- Fri/Sat, Jan 15/16, 2016

Another spate of rainstorms is forecast for both the weekend and the upcoming week.  What's a person to do when the weather precludes outdoor fun?  In our case, Sue and Mo's timely visit gave us an excuse to get together for dinner and tomfoolery on Friday at our Nevada City home, as well as lunch with our mutual friends, Laurie and Odel the next day.  Sue and Mo stopped by on their way south to warmer (hopefully), dry days in the desert. Jimmy and I had such an enjoyable evening with our friends, and we all had a howling good time and a delicious two-hour lunch at Awful Annie's in Auburn, CA on Saturday.  Maybe we should feel guilty, occupying a table for that long in a crowded restaurant, but it had been quite a spell since the six of us broke bread together, so, amid lots of laughter and chatter, we got caught up.  Nope, we're guilt-free.

After dinner, why not drag out the Mardi Gras beads?  Beads I'd accumulated during our years in the south.

"They're so heavy!"

Trading in rainy, snowy Oregon for a stay in Desert Hot Springs, lucky duckies.

Sue and Mo brought their little dog, "Ratty" Mattie with them.  She's a real sweetie.  I found a tennis ball and she and I played "chase the ball," till I tripped over my own feet and hit the hardwood floor.  Game over!  The blur at the end of her body is her wagging tail -- it never stopped moving!

When Sue whipped out her camera for "food porn" shots at Awful Annie's, I grabbed my point-n-shoot for this picture of my lunch:  Sierra Eggs, which was scrumptious.  Most of us ate breakfast-for-lunch dishes ... it was that kind of day!

Good food, good friends.

Laurie's croissant sandwich had stuff piled sky high on it, and we wondered how she'd manage!
She did just fine!

One more photo-op as we gathered to leave the restaurant and go our separate ways.  
Till we meet again, you guys!  Safe travels.


  1. Always fun to spend hilarious times with our friends!

  2. My jaws are still aching - from eating, or laughing?

  3. Good thing Sue and Mo got their stylish eating done early. I'm just serving burgers on the grill and cole slaw on Wednesday. ;)

  4. There is nothing better than great friends that make you laugh. I laughed so hard on Friday night that I was all ready for Saturday! Good thing we didn't go hiking, I would have probably fallen in the river while laughing. Can't wait till the next get together. You guys are the best!

  5. Looks like a lot of food and fun:)

  6. Sure looks like you were having a ball ... and I don't mean a tennis ball ;-)


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