Monday morning Walk-about -- 2/15/16

Today at 9 am Tom and Diane met with the vacation rental people, but we didn't have to go, yee-haw and thank goodness.  What Jimmy and I wanted to do was go for a walk.  But we knew as soon as we stuck our noses outside the balcony sliding glass door that something was different.  The wind was blowing.  Really blowing.  

One of us, who shall remain anonymous, took to feeding the House Sparrows cereal crumbs.  Once that activity began, the sparrows didn't go away.  Every morning they waited; they knew when we got up and sat like little vultures lined up for breakfast.  It was kinda fun, till we looked down on the flooring a few days later and saw all the little sparrow poopers.  Oops.  Mynah birds joined the party some mornings, and then it was not only messy, it got noisy, too!  "Uh, guys, you know?  I think we shouldn't be feeding the birds out here anymore."  

So, when our friends walked across the street to their appointment, Jimmy and I set off on our walk.  It was warm and windy. When we stopped at another clubhouse for an in-and-out break (water in-water out, if you get my drift), I spoke with one of the managers.  I mentioned the wind and she responded, "Oh yes, it's wonderful to have the trade winds back.  It's been calm here the last couple of few weeks."  On the question of VOG, she agreed that the winds would keep that at bay.

We had a tailwind going, and a headwind on our return, which was good, 'cause by the time we turned around, it was going on 11 am -- too warm to be out hiking in the sun.  The wind in our faces kept us cooler.

We love learning new things.  Didn't know this trail existed till this morning.  Even after reading the sign, we stepped off the sidewalk onto this semi-crushed lava rock path.  Tough going -- walking on lava is no fun. We went as far as the property line and then hopscotched across lava boulders to get off the durned path onto soft grass.  I would definitely NOT walk on this path at night!  Uh-uh, no way!

 Lots of small Saffron Finches hopped about on the grass.
It was easy to walk right up to them; they seemed unafraid.

You want color?  I'll show you color!  Look at this beautiful Bougainvillea!

We aren't sure what these trees with the HUGE leaves are, some kind of coastal tree.  Very pretty.

We walked up to the entrance of the huge Hilton Waikoloa Village.  It's closer to the ocean, with lots of hotel rooms and fancy shops, fine eateries, more swimming pools, reefs, et cetera, but we didn't go any further.  This handsome horse of sorts was our turn-around point.

Lovely bunch of coconuts as long as the wind doesn't cause one to fall on our heads!

When we were camping at MacKerricher St Pk in NorCal last year, we looked all over for the Snowy Plover that was supposedly nesting nearby.  Saw nary a one.  Here at Waikoloa, Pacific Golden-Plovers were everywhere!  My Hawaiian bird guidebook gave this detail: "Unlike many migratory shorebirds, the Pacific Golden-Plover is not limited to lowland coastal areas.  It can even be seen along roads and other open areas."  We almost had to kick them out of the way.   

Once we saw this sign, we knew we were close to the condo.  We were ready to kick off the shoes and sit for a few minutes.  Maybe have a bite of lunch.  Tom and Diane were still at their meeting, so we settled down on the balcony to wait.  We discussed what was in the cards for the afternoon.  Our four-plus-mile walk suited us to a T. to be continued in the next post ....


  1. I love that shot of the palms swaying in the wind on a sunny day ... quintessential Hawaii.

  2. I do love the warm trade winds. The skies are magical when those winds blow away all the guk in the air. Ahhh...I can smell it....


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