Drought-busting rains in March 2016

We looked at buying a rain gauge last December, but I couldn't find one I liked, so we depend on others to learn how much precipitation has fallen on any given day.  Last Monday I measured seven inches of snow (with a ruler) on our back deck.  Get this:  Since March 4th, Nevada County Weather reports a "storm total" of 16.75" (I don't know how the snow fits in) ... that's a whole lot of precip in a little over a week!  We are afloat here, but, thankfully, not flooding like the southeast.  Jimmy and I managed to sneak in a couple of walks between major storms, but cabin fever will set in.  We've had drenching rains for several straight days ... and it's still pouring!  All this moisture is grand in the overall drought scheme, but, frankly my dears, we are done with it!

Tomorrow morning we board a flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles and then we board the Ruby Princess for a 10-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera!  Hope the sun shines!  Of course, we booked this a few months ago....

I'm not adding photos of puddles and drooping foliage!  Wait till we get home for sublime pictures of sun-drenched ports.  See you later this month.


  1. You're certainly not gathering any moss!

  2. Bad weather can be so frustrating! Have a great cruise!

  3. Measuring snow is a lot easier, isn't it. Keeping fingers crossed for good weather on your cruise.


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