Headin' Home -- Tues/Wed, March 22-23, 2016

We've visited our last port of call, and now Ruby has pointed her nose toward Los Angeles. It will take her from Monday night to the wee small hours of Thursday morning to cover the distance from Puerto Vallarta.  Precious hours at sea for me and Jimmy.

Hold onto your hat, mate!

In my previous post, I mentioned sleeping ten hours Monday night.  After breakfast, I slept another unheard-of two hours, my body's way of shaking off whatever ails me.  When I got up, I didn't move far, just to the balcony, where I watched the sea, alternately sitting or standing at the rail.  I was amazed to see eight sea turtles swim past, one at a time, off the Baja coast as we cruised north.  After lunch, Jimmy and I continued our Yahtzee games, till it was time to dress for dinner.  You know I wouldn't miss lobster/prawn night!



All chocolate, all the way.  This would cure anything or anybody!

After dinner we posed on our way to the Princess Theater to watch the "Magic To Do" show, which was cleverly inventive, but the singing was just way too loud to enjoy.  The only other show we caught this trip was last Wednesday evening -- "hilarious comedian," Darrell Joyce, who really was both! 

On past cruises, I've always tuned in to the ScanDisplay channel on our cabin's TV.  This gives running stats -- temps, barometer, wind speed and direction, ship speed, etc., stuff I want to know.  However, it hasn't been working on this cruise till today!  Hooray, now I can follow along!  After dinner and before the show, we caught the rising almost-full moon off the Promenade Deck.

* * * * *

Wednesday:  I feel better!  This morning Executive Chef Andrea and Maitre d'Hotel Silvio gave a culinary demonstration in the theater at 10am, and they were hysterically funny! We laughed and laughed.  A galley tour followed, which we've done on previous cruises, but it's always kinda interesting to see how BIG the "kitchen" is!  

Watermelon was included in tonight's dinner.

Edible arrangements!

Executive Chef Andrea, right, and Maitre d'Hotel Silvio, left, following the galley tour.

Yesterday the sea state began as Light Ripples, which became Small Wavelets, then Small Waves and finally Large Waves.  The progression was obvious!  Love seeing the water colors change, pewter one hour and two minutes later an emerald fit for a queen.  Fascinating that it's all dependent on time of day, sun’s position, cloud shadows, and turn of head.  The sea is always the same, but it's always changing, too. Monotonous? Maybe, if that was all you ever saw, but it's not boring for me.  Mesmerizing is more like it.  We’ve seen whales, dolphins and/or turtles every day and a few sea birds.

Today is all about the ocean. Today the wind is Force 7, moderate gale, with waves leaping, crashing over the bow, spray flying!  So cool to watch. We were on a wild ride in bed last night, like being on a bucking bronco, or the tail of a dragon, whipping us up and down, the cabin shuddering as Ruby dipped into a trough. Today the waves are 11.5’ and the winds are 40-45 knots. Ruby is making 18-19 knots/hr bumping o'er white-capped seas. Temperature has dropped to 60 degrees, so we don’t see many shorts and flipflops on deck! No swimming, either; the pools have been draped with netting to keep major tsunamis from forming!

Our room steward placed the luggage mat on the bed, so we’ll have to pack it up this afternoon.  Our ten day-trip is almost over.

Tonight's dessert was the traditional Baked Alaska (on parade).  Ice cream and meringue sitting in chocolate sauce, tho it probably wasn't presented just so on the menu!  Oh yeah!

We stepped out on Deck Seven just as the beautiful golden full moon rose.  I wanted a picture, but Ruby wouldn't hold still!  Pitching about in 11.5' seas, trying to hold the camera steady was nearly impossible!  Just finding the moon in the viewfinder was problematic.  Above are a few of my tries!


Ruby entered the Los Angeles (San Pedro) breakwater about 5:30 Thursday morn, with the setting moon behind her.  I was wide awake and watching in my robe from our balcony.  A huge cargo ship passed us on her way out to sea as Ruby approached her pier ... it looked so close!  Disembarkation commenced after 7 am; Jimmy and I left the ship at 9ish, shuttled to LAX, flew to Sacramento, hailed Uber to Matt's house where our Prius was waiting, and drove to Nevada City.  Back home at 5pm. Did we have a good time?  You betcha!  Never mind nose trouble or cool water or any other inconveniences. It was a grand trip. 

Total distance Ruby traveled round trip from Los Angeles = 2,820 Nautical Miles = 3,245 Statute Miles = 5,222 Kilometers.

I'll leave you with this:  We encountered the colorful little dog below on deck the last day. Surprised, we wondered aloud to the man holding the leash.  He said it was a service dog for a young man with a breathing disorder (if he stopped breathing, the dog would alert his parents).  In fact, the dog didn't want to stop and visit with us ... it knew it had to get back to his boy.  Time to go home. 

The End.


  1. We love days at sea, too ... you're right that while it is the same, the sea is ever-changing too. I hope that dog really was a service dog. Unfortunately, too many people are abusing the "service dogs allowed" policy by buying internet-certificates to bring their pets aboard.

  2. Another wonderful trip. You two are having so much fun!

  3. We would have been so seasick! You took some beautiful moon photos.

  4. I have only been on one cruise, and figured that would be it for me, but you make it sound so magical...

  5. We really enjoy cruising and sea days are our favorite:)


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