Spring is in the air! April 2016

You can tell it's still Spring by the vivid colors in the neighborhood.  On our morning walks, I usually take my camera because you never know what you'll see, beauty or beast, and I always spot something.  This post is a conglomeration of a couple of weeks, in different areas and with lots going on.  A little bit of this; a little bit of that.

I wish I could tell you this outstanding tulip display was in my yard, but it'd be a lie. 

Above is a five-inch cutie (I named it Knute) I spied while Jimmy and I were out walking one morning near an old mining road.  We rescued its even cuter li'l pardner, below, from the center of the roadway where it most certainly would've been squished flat as cardboard.  We saw quite a number of California Newts Out and About in this area, and wondered if perhaps love was in the air?

Pinks, yellows, lavender, white, red, but I believe my favorite is the Pink Dogwood.

We decided to buy a new fridge after our water/icemaker conked out and we were tired of listening to the old thing run-run-run.  After checking online and several big box stores (and even a couple of little box stores), we chose a Sears Kenmore -- basically a carbon copy of what we had, only new and more efficient.  One of the reasons we picked this model was the low Energy Guide rating noted on the tag (below) hanging inside the store fridge.

After the driveway set up and kitchen installation, we were handed all the paperwork and, boy howdy, we were disappointed to find this Energy Guide tag (below) included! Bait-and-switch?  Misrepresentation?  We want to get a hold of Sears to complain, but have you ever tried to contact Sears?  What a pain!  Not sure how we'll handle the situation, but this just isn't right.  I'd hate to have to start all over ... any suggestions?

* * * * * * * *

On a happier note, Laurie Brown and I wanted to hike along the North Fork of the American River in Auburn again this spring before the days got too hot and before we dispersed on various trips elsewhere.  As it was, the only day available for everyone to get together was Sunday, a very popular hiking day!  No matter, we arranged to meet at 9:30, hoping to "beat the crowd."  It's a wild river this time of year, cold and tumultuous, with a lot more water surging down toward the confluence than we've ever seen.  Really something to see, but nothing I'd want to get too near!

Laurie and Odel, Rosanna and Frank, and me and Jimmy started out in morning shade on a near-five mile hike to Lake Clementine.  Rosanna is Laurie's cousin and Frank is her BiL.  The six of us met in Feb 2015 for the same hike.  After a cool start, the temp warmed to low 80's by afternoon.  Above, Laurie and Rosanna are ahead, walkin' and talkin'. As people do, we kept changing it up, so we all had an opportunity to visit with one another.  Nice to be Out and About with this congenial group!

Da guys.

Look at all this runoff spilling over Lake Clementine dam.  It seemed like so much more than last year (our fourth year in extreme drought). We've had a decent amount of rain/snow this winter, which accounts for us hearing the water's roar long before we saw the dam.  So impressive!

White water, wild river; be careful.  Everything was so lush and green along the trail, especially when compared to last year.  We saw fewer wildflowers; the season seemed to be lagging from last year's hike.  But the world was bathed in fifty shades of green.

Forest Hill Bridge.

None of us was in a hurry.  We had lunch reservations for 12:30 at Awful Annie's in Auburn (talk about crowded!) and we ate and talked and talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. What a fun day.  In fact, we're hoping to get in one more (different) hike after Laurie and Odel get back from a week in Louisiana and before we pack up Tergel for our trek to the East Coast.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I think my favorite photo is the one of the dam -- so much power. A shame about the fridge ... you might contest the credit card charge if that's how you paid for it. That might get the attention of Sears to at least began the conversation.

  2. Good times, good people.....

  3. I think I liked Knute best. :)

  4. Dam! An extra $30 a year over the life of the fridge (say 20 yrs) is $600. Since you have evidence of Sear's deceptive advertising demand that Sears cut you a check for $600. If Sears will not pay the difference sue the hell out of them. Or boycott doing business with Sears like I did 30-40 years ago when they would not accept Mastercard for payment.

  5. Rob's suggestion to have Sears cut your a check makes sense. You might get it before the "life of the fridge" ends! How very frustration, and I know exactly what you mean about trying to reach Sears. And once you do, good luck. I have had Odel remove the phone from my hand before during a conversation with Sears - I swear they just do their best to infuriate the customer.

    On a happier note - pink dogwoods are my favorite, too. All of the glory, none of the problems (like wisteria dropping their blossoms everywhere as then pull down your fence, and the need to handpick azaleas spent blossoms). A cut above in all seasons. Thanks for the reminders of our hike!


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