Yard flowers! Friday, April 8th, 2016

Since the yard is aglow with spring flowers, I thought I'd capture a few posies with my trusty point 'n shoot.  Our warm weather has really spurred blooming into action!  Every growing thing you see below came with the house we bought four years ago, tho we've moved a couple of them.  As I write up this post on Saturday, our sunny weather has turned gray and drizzly, which is also okay.  Everybody could use a nice drink!

Above and below:  A clematis vine that we transplanted a few years ago from accessible front yard to fenced back yard (to keep the deer from cropping them), that we never saw bloom till this year!  It isn't fragrant, but it makes me (and the bees!) happy to see all the flowers.

A couple of the Western Trilliums got busted by our heavy wet snowfall a month ago, but they bounced back and have been in flower for weeks.  That's my shoe peeking in at the bottom to give you an idea of size of these bad boys!  Aren't they huge?  I'm pretty sure these are Trillium kurabayashii, aka Giant Purple Wakerobin, a perennial herb native to Oregon and Northern California.  They pop up in early spring in the same place, every year.

Above and belowLunaria annua -- also known as the Money Plant, but I've always heard it called the Silver Dollar Plant.  We have a bunch of 'em growing in the back yard; they produce a nice flower, and come fall, the seed pod can be turned into an attractive arrangement.

Above and below:  A dual Azalea?  Both the red and white blooms appear on the same bush -- cool, huh?  This one is in the front yard and the deer (who allegedly don't eat Azaleas, uh-huh), thought the buds might be tasty.  Consequently, it's a lop-sided bloomer!  Those sweet little deer lips also ate my Day Lilies.  I've since sprayed Deer B Gone (or whatever it's called), but I was a day late.  sigh ....

One of my all-time favorites:  Lilacs!  I picked this bunch and I'm now enjoying them on my dining room table.  Makes a nice centerpiece, and they smell heavenly!

Jimmy's latest bird house, in a flowering Dogwood tree.  He uses a plan designed for small birds:  Nuthatches, Wrens, Chickadees, builds them and paints them, and up they go as high as the ladder will reach.  Colorful addition!

Periwinkle is pretty, but in our yard it's invasive.  Where it encroaches, I yank it out. 

Our native Western Dogwoods aren't in full bloom yet, but they're on their way!  We had friends over for dinner last night and they remarked on how gorgeous our trees are with their gargantuan flowers.  I'm not sure how many Dogwood trees we have in our half-acre yard, maybe ten, several quite large, and it's always a joy to look out our windows at these lovely trees.  We have one pink Dogwood in the front and it's the last to flower and leaf out, like Pecan trees in the south, slow-slow-slow!

Another fav of mine is Bleeding Hearts, and they've popped up all over our property, front and back, tho unbelievably, some in front were cropped by you-know-who.  Luckily these wildflowers seem to grow like weeds, so we weren't completely robbed of their appealing blossoms!

Jimmy put up this house outside our kitchen window, where we also hung the prayer flags we bought in Nepal when we were there last October.  We put wood shavings inside all the bird houses as a base for nests, and, by gum, it didn't take long before Mountain Chickadees found this home to their liking.  I picked up some fresh straw (or hay?), strewed it on the ground, and pretty soon, we saw Mom or Dad flying down to help themselves.  Out of the four bird houses he's made (including the new one), we know two are occupied.  As I stand at the kitchen sink, I really like watching them as they fly in and out of the house and visit the feeder by the window.  Welcome to Spring!


  1. So much fun to see your pretty yard! Yes, those pesky deer will eat anything. They love to snack on the buds of our mollis azaleas as well. I spray them like crazy spring and fall. That little bleeding heart is native here in Oregon as well. DO love your dogwoods, too. We still have sunshine today, but the rain is supposed to show up this evening. Happy weekend to you! As if weekends matter to us retired types.

  2. Your yard is awesome! Particularly the "no grass mowing" part.....

  3. So many lovely posies. I'm not much for gardening, but luckily Mui enjoys playing with dirt so we get to have some color around the pad. We too got rain today ... enough to water the grass and the plants.

  4. Those are some giant Trillium!

  5. My mother liked to have silver dollar plants in her little garden. Lilacs are way up there on my favorite list. Would love to smell some right now.


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