"When in Rome ... Saturday, 5/28/16

... do as the Roman's do."  Or, in our case, when in Iowa, do as Iowans do. Drive a tractor! At least, pay a visit to the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum in Waterloo, Iowa.  It's mostly a guy thing, but I was willing to step up to the plate, so to speak, and fiddle with the gears.  A bright, shiny showroom holds many models and sizes of bright, shiny tractors.

Twas a dark and gloomy sky as we entered the museum.  Behind me, the sky was black, so we brought an umbrella in with us, just in case.  Turns out the umbrella wasn't necessary, as the sky "fell" while we toured inside, a rip-roarin' gully-washer.  I've lost count, indeed, have given up counting, the number of thunderstorms we've seen on our trip in the past two weeks.  When we left the museum, the sun was peeking thru the clouds!

A natural fit.

Jimmy's in the driver's seat!

Above, Jimmy's in front of the tire.  Below, he's between the tires.  That's one very huge tractor (7000 series), with LED lighting, a refrigerator, and lots of other advanced features.

Turns out the rain wasn't finished.  We can certainly see why the Midwest is green.  This remarkable lushness is a delight to us; we mention it frequently -- "Look how green everything is!"  Coming from drought-stricken California, green is not a color normally seen!

After dinner at Black Hawk Park c/g, a full, double rainbow appeared.
Now that's the proper way to end a rainy day!


  1. Good ol' John Deere..... Dontcha just love museums?

  2. Glad to see you stepped up to the plate :-) Th rainbow is gorgeous. So are you :-)

  3. Mui wants one of those tractors!


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