A Fourth of July kind of day! Monday, 7/4/16

Alpena, on the shore of Lake Huron, is a compact city of 10,000+ citizens, and the fairgrounds is right in the middle.  For us, it's perfect.  As you can see in the photo below, July 4th dawned clear and sunny.  The forecast called for temps in the high 80's, a bit too warm for me, but I can deal with it!  This city is celebrating the nation's birthday in style, with a parade at 11, a big blowout at the Maritime Center, and fireworks tonight.

The patriotic parade is making up where we're staying at the fairgrounds, very cool!  We were on our bikes at 10 am, milling around, talking with people, admiring floats (well, admiring might be a stretch ), enjoying an early head start on the parade.

Jimmy made a new friend!

We wanted to bike around the wildlife sanctuary that's part 'n parcel of Alpena, a quiet four-mile journey on a paved path, easily doable.  We met walkers and joggers and a few fellows on bicycles like us.  Kind of surprised to see the above Veterans Memorial Cemetery on our way, but it felt apt today and it was moving.  The white tomb of the unknown soldier is at back.  Alpena veterans from the Civil War to present are honored by a white cross.

Parking our bikes next to this defunct hardware store, we joined the throngs for the parade.

11 am -- here we go!

I've seen a parade or two in my years, but a road grader as a "float" entry is a first!

Uncle Sam had to bow down at the traffic signal.

What a crowd!  Everyone seemed to be having fun.  Candy was freely thrown from the float folks, but I didn't get any, darn it.  All those kids were in my way!

Gotta love this "We want your stinking business" float!

What's a parade without a fire truck?  We stood next to and visited with the elderly lady in the light green cap for a while.  She hails from Lincoln, California, in our neck of the woods.  Jimmy and I are repeatedly reminded that it's a small world.  BTW, she gave us a tip on a tasty sandwich shop in Lincoln.  Life is good.

I'm going to divide the day into two posts.  You'll see why!


  1. Ah yes, Nickie and her parades!! I know how much you love them. I can't wait to share the "BigOne" with you.

  2. Nothing better than a small-town July 4 parade!

  3. Small town parades are always fun!

  4. I like Jimmy's "new friend."


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