Hump Day Trivia is Fun -- Wed, 8/31/16

Our parents were married in 1939.  Some of you might enjoy reading a little about who designed their 1939 Toastmaster Toaster. The toaster is Model 1B9 made by the McGraw Electric Company.  We know that a few of these vintage toasters are still working (and doing a better job than the new ones) and can be found on eBay for varying prices -- I saw one for $130.  Click here to read about designer Jean Otis Reinecke.

My brother, Rob, came up with a couple of interesting tidbits:  The 1B9 was the first toaster that used double chrome plating and it was the first year a toaster had rounded corners and top. It was the last Toastmaster model that used a clock movement for a timer.  This little toaster makes a tick-tick-ticking sound as it browns the bread -- we wondered, but didn't know it was a clock timer!

77 years later, and the old toaster is still ticking and toasting bread in Rob's, house.  I used it this morning ... ❤ ❤


  1. You find some amazing stuff when you clear a house for sale. Fun.

  2. That amazing old toaster has required no repairs all these years, other than a new cord or two. We all grew up to that morning sound of the toaster ticking away....

  3. I actually did enjoy this post, as I will enjoy catching up on all the ones I am behind on!!


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