Monday Morning, 11/21/16

Breakfast on the 13th floor overlooking Viaduct (Auckland) Harbour is a great way to start a day!  And we knew that sailing on that harbor this morning was in the cards for our group, woohoo!

First, tho, it was our privilege to sit for a morning lecture introducing us to New Zealand history, including learning (I use the word loosely) to pronounce Māori words.  Gordon McLauchlan, author of A Short History of New Zealand, held our attention with his information and humor, but I doubt any of his “students” can roll their R’s like he could or remember those long Māori place names! He was kind enough to give each of us an autographed copy of the above book, which is a treasure-trove for learning more about this young country.  Thank you, Gordon.

But, the sun was shining and after morning tea, we were ready for a walk to the waterfront for an hour’s sail on Waitemata Harbour ... and you know Jimmy and I love to be on the water.  Would that it had lasted longer!  Perhaps I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Ibby and Jimmy.

Cool watching the seaplane land.

Ah, my sailor!

We are 22 people in our RS group, split into two identical sailboats.  When we looked across at the other boat, we knew that we were their mirror image.  The Harbour bridge looms in the background.

As we passed beneath the bridge, we were startled to see what looked like a sack of cement plummet toward the water ... and then it bopped back up toward the bridge, boing-boing.  Dang!  Bungee jumping is everywhere!

How about the Sky Tower between the sails?

My turn at the helm, with our Captain,  Most of us took at turn "steering."

Up goes the lift bridge to let our "twin" pass.

Jimmy (with Bernice and Ibby) says, "It doesn't get any better than this!"


  1. What a lovely harbor, and such blue skies. Nice to have a mirror image of your sailboat to photograph.

  2. Hard to beat a good day on the water. It was a hard decision to choose to do explore Auckland on foot rather than by sail for our upcoming visit.

  3. What a great time out in the harbour! We went bungee jumping once, not sure if I want to go again though.


  4. We DO love being in boats on the water, huh!

  5. Nothing is better than time under sail!!


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